The Ultimate Women’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pair of Sneakers

For the majority of us, 12 cm stilettos and sky-high platforms are comfortable—for about five minutes. Fortunately, working from home has contributed to a comfortable shoe trend that doesn’t seem to be coming to a close. Sneakers are now a totally acceptable — and fashionable — option for going out and doing chores, including work and more formal occasions. But how to find the right pair that is both comfortable and stylish?

How Do You Choose a Good Pair of Sneakers?


Now, what feels comfortable may vary from person to person. Some may prefer a greater level of support, while others may like a softer landing. The important thing is to identify what feels good for you and look for sneakers that have those features.

Put Comfort First

Sneaker shoes mean different things to different people – from professional athletes who need the newest technology to sneakerheads who stack boxes high just to have a few pairs on the ice. However, they stand out in part because they are the most comfortable shoes available in a market crowded with uncomfortable shoes.

But let’s face it, not every pair of women’s sneakers is created equal. Some lack style, while others lack good arch support or comfort. But we simply cannot accept a shoe that gives us sore feet, stressed-out arches, or even blisters as we embark on our next adventure, walk around campus, commute to work, or do anything else.

Wearing comfortable shoes is crucial to keep your body and posture in good shape. Our feet have about one-fourth of all the bones in the human body and support our entire weight, meaning that our shoes absorb the impact as we walk.

If you wear a pair of sneakers for women that feels comfortable, your body will align better, which will also help to distribute your weight more evenly and relieve pressure or pain in your joints. All this shows why buying women’s comfortable sneakers should be your top priority when looking for the perfect pair for you.

Consider Your Current Wardrobe


The ideal pair of sneakers should be a natural match for the attire you’re wearing daily. Keep in mind your current sense and style of fashion when choosing the appropriate sneakers for you. There’s a good chance that some sneaker designs will fit you better than others. So, look through your closet and think about the clothes you love wearing.

Distinctive and unique sneaker designs may attract you, but they might not be the best option if you search for a pair you can match with anything. Instead, explore women’s comfortable sneakers in various designs and styles, including classic white and completely black sneakers that’ll never go out of style.

Thinking of what type of look you want to go for is another way to go. Ask yourself if you want something more formal or a street-inspired look with an NBA jersey and ankle-high kicks. What kind of material do you prefer? For instance, materials like canvas or suede would be a better choice if you want to sport a sneaker look that is more street-inspired. Conversely, leather sneakers would be a better choice if you’re looking for something more formal and timeless.

Think of the Activities You Need Them For

Sneakers are still one of the key items you’ll need for engaging in various physical activities, such as going to the gym, running, hiking, athletics, and more, despite becoming an increasingly popular choice of fashion item.

It’s crucial to keep in mind your planned use for the sneaks before choosing the best pair for you because sneaker shoes made for fashion frequently differ significantly from those made for sports and exercise. Some kicks, such as running shoes or hiking boots made specifically for participating in these activities, tend to fit certain activities better than others.

The Importance of Materials Used


The comfort level you’ll experience when wearing suede, leather, or canvas will vary depending on their individual qualities.

Suede Sneakers

Suede shoes are stylish, typically waterproof, and usually breathable. But maintaining a pair of suede sneakers is one of the biggest hassles. They require ongoing upkeep if you want them to live a long life and still look presentable. You can learn everything you need to know about cleaning suede shoes from our guide.

For a classic look, suede sneakers go well with light jeans, a T-shirt, a jacket, and sunglasses. If the colour of your suede sneakers is neutral, you can pair them with a ton of contrasting hues.

Leather Sneakers

No one can resist a pair of nice leather shoes. Genuine leather is strong and elegant, meaning it can last you a very long time. Leather shoes are typically expensive, which indicates that manufacturers used premium materials and took some important steps in the manufacturing process.

Additionally, they’re waterproof and simple to clean. However, during the hotter summer months, leather sneakers might not be the best choice.

Canvas Sneakers

These shoes are usually made of natural materials like hemp or cotton. As a result, they’re often more environmentally friendly than other types of sneakers. They feature a flexible, comfortable build that accommodates the shape of your foot.

While they don’t last as long as other types of sneakers, canvas shoes are typically cheaper. You can find them in a wide spectrum of colours and styles to suit any outfit.

Get the Right Fit


Finding the perfect fit is essential before purchasing a new pair of sneakers. That’s especially true if you intend to spend a lot of money on a pair of designer sneakers and if you shop online.

Most of us tend to buy shoes and sneakers in the size we’ve always worn without giving our foot size any thought. You might be surprised to learn that our shoe sizes can change as we age, so it might be worthwhile to measure your fit by a professional before you purchase a new pair of sneakers.

Pregnancy, weight loss, and weight gain are just a few of the situations that can cause a change in shoe size. Your two feet may also have slightly different sizes, which happens more frequently than you might imagine. It’s best to always choose the larger size if this is the case for you.