Reasons to Look for Good Arch Support When Buying Shoes

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Feet are the foundation of the body, but they also need a good, supportive foundation themselves. When the feet aren’t properly supported, a lot of things can go seriously wrong – from developing “flat feet” to heel pain, ankle injuries, kneecap ailments, shin splits, and even problems with the hips and lower back. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know what to look for when it comes to choosing supportive shoes. So, what makes certain shoes good enough to keep your feet healthy and strong? The answer usually lies in arch support.

The arch is the curved part of the foot that runs through its entire length. It’s essential for maintaining your balance, absorbing the shocks from walking or running and generally keeping your body upright. Considering it undergoes a lot of stress on a daily basis, it’s the one part of your feet that needs the most support. If your feet are constantly sore at the end of the day, it’s likely that your shoes do not provide enough support to the arch. As a result, this can lead to its deformation – either the arch being too high or too low (flat feet).

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But maintaining the shape and health of your arches is easy, when you wear witting footwear with insoles designed to support the arch. This is particularly important for athletic activities such as running, hiking, or cycling which put great stress on the foot. In that case, wearing sneakers or athletic sandals with arch support can provide comforting cushioning to relieve some of the pressure and help you remain active for longer periods of time without your feet becoming tired.

It’s important to stress out that high and low arches require a different type of support, and you should wear shoes that are designed for your particular arch type. If you have low arches or flat feet, look for shoes referred to as “motion control” which are designed to be responsive to your every movement and add stability where the arch tends to collapse. On the other hand, feet with high arches require so-called cushioning shoes with a curved shape and softer arch support which encourages the foot to roll inward. Both cushioning and motion control shoes help to gently push the foot into proper position. If you have extremely low or high arches, a podiatrist can determine what type of shoes are right for you and whether you need to wear any special orthotic devices.
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But having normal arches doesn’t mean you don’t need any support. In fact, the arch of the foot can change due to factors such as age, activity, pregnancy, and certain medical conditions. If you’re a very active person and spend most of your day on your feet, wearing sneakers, loafers, or athletic sandals with arch support can help protect your arches from deforming in the future.