Category: Furniture

Over the years, internet shopping has become the primary channel of furniture retailing in Australia, what has contributed to the overall economy. Although the trading conditions of the furniture industry have been negatively affected by the continued instability of the global financial market, compared to the last couple of years, industry reports are showing an increased annual growth of 1.7% for 2015.

In 2015, the Australian furniture industry reported $8 billion in revenue, 4,538 businesses and 25,996 employees in the sector. The indoor and outdoor furniture sale remain top sectors and the driving force of the industry in general. It is where all industry trends happen.

Today’s industry retailing chain features many successful and acclaimed companies that deal with a wide range of modern, high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture, including tables, chairs, beds, sofas and couches. These industry goods are mostly manufactured by domestic companies, but international manufacturers are not excluded either. Experts predict the sales of lounge, bedroom, dining room, and outdoor furniture to reach industry highest by 2010.

Since the Internet is the most convenient place to browse and purchase furniture pieces for both interior and exterior, customers have many conveniences; they can freely compare different products from different brands and retailers, have an increased transaction security and of course, lower prices. All these factors have contributed to the rise of Australian furniture industry sales.