Design With a Reason: Rocking Chairs are Not Just for Nannas

History and Use of The Rocking Chair

Did you know that the first chair dates back around 5000 years ago, back to the times of Ancient Egypt? Rumour has it, cats were the masters of not just ancient Egyptians’ hearts but also masters of discovering the most comfortable place to fall asleep. Not surprisingly, that almost always happens to be our favourite chair.

From a simple piece of furniture exclusive to our porches, the rocking chair found its way into luxurious interior design solutions. In the 19th century, rocking chairs were embraced by an entirely new generation. First, they were something typical and symbolic to have for the growing middle class and an accessory as informal leisure. 


But ever since the 18th century, rocking chairs have decorated front lawns, balconies, patios, decks, libraries, nurseries, living rooms and continue to do so even in the 21st century! As we all imagine, the rocking chair was primarily used by the elderly or mothers who were putting their children to sleep with the help of the chair’s soothing motion, while simultaneously knitting or doing other activities.

Using your chair to relax is a great idea to this day, and in case you’re debating an upgrade of your living room or bedroom, why not rock your resting corner with a rocking chair? You can match it with the rest of your furniture, or go bold and make it stand out by picking out a design or colour contrasting the rest of the room. Your home – your rules!

Spruce Up Your Home with a Decorative Rocking Chair

Whether you’re renovating or simply refreshing your interior, adding a designer rocking chair can instantly elevate your home’s decor. They come in various designs and can be used in different parts of your home. 

The Living Room

modern rocking chair

This is the place where you might have a corner that seems empty, but you don’t want to add just another regular chair or sofa. Maybe your living room is where you want to have that modern piece of furniture that stands out. Additionally, if you happen to have a fireplace in the home, the one thing that goes perfectly with it is a rocking chair. Imagine a cold rainy day and you kicking back with a good book and a cozy blanket.

The Kids’ Room

If you just had a baby and you have a designated room or space for nursing and watching over them, a rocking chair would be exactly what you need to feel more comfortable. Or, even if your kids are a bit older, there are rocking chairs (or rocking horses) in sizes suitable for them as well and they could rock themselves.

The Patio

A rocking chair could be a great addition to your seating area for an intimate party with friends and family. Combined with a nice coffee table, sofas, wooden chairs, Christmas lights and candles, you could create a cozy, laid-back atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Clearly, this atmosphere would be just as useful for when you’re alone while sitting back and unwinding.

The Yard


If you want a rocking chair outside, pick one that is made of more durable and weather-resistant material to withstand the constant exposure to the elements. It will surely make your space look homier and more welcoming. 

The Bedroom

If the space in your room allows it – this is where an antique rocking chair might come in handy as a charming decoration or again, for nursing your baby. A classic wooden chair might not fit into a contemporary space, or it might not be comfortable enough for a longer period of sitting. However, now that there are endless options of innovative designs, with great cushions and adjustments of the shape – you can definitely find a wooden rocking chair that works!

Features and Extras – What Should You Look for in a Rocking Chair?

  • Regardless if you’re looking online or walking into a furniture store, you need to get yourself supportive cushioning. Above all else, the best nursery gliders and rocking chairs are enjoyable to sit in for long periods. Look for firmness and wideness in your seat combined with durable fabric (possibly polyester or linen) and good support for your arms.
  • It goes without saying that sturdy rockers on the bottom are a must, which can be made out of a few different materials like metal, hardwood or plastic. You can also adorn your rocking chair (and make it even more attractive) with a fluffy blanket, pillows, a reading lamp, or a small coffee table with an extending top.

How to Keep Your Modern Rocking Chair Clean?

Depending on the material, there are different ways to deep-clean your designer rocking chair and your furniture in general. Start by sweeping it with a cloth or broom, and you can usually use a soft bristle brush with a mild solution of water and soap to gently wipe out the remaining dirt and dust. Never use powerful chemicals without first checking your user instructions.