Top Reasons Why Your Home Can Benefit from a Console Table

First introduced in France in the 17th century as a rectangular slab supported by wall-mounted brackets mainly found in aristocratic mansions and palaces, console tables have become the most versatile piece of furniture in home décor. Their functionality and stylish appearance are what makes them an essential part of any home space. Coming in numerous sizes, shapes, and styles, they are the perfect pieces to beautify your interior.

Top Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Console Table 

Your Hallway Demands Style and Elegance


When located in the entryway, a console table is an important piece of furniture that makes an introduction to your home since it’s the first thing you see and use when entering your house. This introduction can become stylish and sophisticated if you choose an elegant console hall table in a brushed gold finish frame and a glass top. Some tables in the hallway feature a mirror, which adds functionality and extra light. Using wall art instead of a mirror can be a great way of drawing some attention.

Placing the hallway table by the entry door will increase its functionality since it can provide more surface area for organizing without obstructing the walkway. You can also try placing baskets or trays on the top of the console hall table to hold keys, wallets, and other goods you want to load or unload from your pockets as you enter and exit the house. The space beneath the console table can be used to store items such as backpacks or shoes in an out-of-the-way location. Many console tables for hallways (or entryways) come with a shoe rack that fits below. 

The Living Room Needs Some Accent and Multi-Purpose

The living room is the most frequently used part of everyone’s house. It’s the comfort zone for you and your family. The great thing about console tables is that they can be placed everywhere including your living room. But how do you use the console table in the living room? You can use it as an extended side table for throwing some random items on, or as a TV stand and media console. It’s best to go for one with shelves and drawers so you can store all of your living room essentials, such as your cable box, DVR, and DVD. 

Console tables can be an impeccable detail that gives the accent of perfection to your living room when placed against the wall. Since they are in an all-time love relationship with lamps, consider placing one or even two symmetrically on the surface. Always choose living room furniture that complements the room’s existing design. On the top of the console table, you can hang a gold-toned mirror and place an armchair next to it. To add to the aesthetics, reconsider placing some framed art next to the mirror.

More Space in the Dining Room


It can become a bit irritating when you constantly have to interrupt your meals and make quick trips from the dining room to the kitchen because you forget one thing or another. Placing a console table at the entrance to your dining room, or next to the dining table can be a great way to save some energy and nerves while enjoying your family lunch. Console tables with drawers are always a better idea for your dining room since you can use them for storing some serving essentials such as cutlery, napkins, and placemats. It can also function as a temporary bar for placing beverages when having some guests around. 

Get Organized in the Bedroom 

Remember how we talked about putting a mirror above your console table in the hallway? You can create a custom made piece of furniture by employing this application in the bedroom and adding an accent chair or stool. Adding a table light to the side and displaying your jewellery or perfume on the surface creates a bedroom vanity that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Storage console tables can occasionally double as nightstands. With increased surface area, you have plenty of space for your books and a reading lamp. 

Your Bathroom Deserves Its Console Vanity


Bathrooms frequently lack storage. Because console tables are often narrow, they are ideal for use in tiny spaces such as bathrooms. As a result, a console table with many shelves will provide you with additional storage space. You can choose a console table with just legs to put a stool underneath if you prefer having a vanity in your master bathroom. Keeping things organized becomes a daily effort that is much easier to accomplish when everything has its own designated location. Glass jars, baskets, and trays can help you keep your bathroom essentials organized and easy to access. 

Decorative Knick-Knacks Lack a Focal Point

The console table allows you to visualize your home’s design by exhibiting aesthetically pleasing accessories or decorative items such as table lamps, pots and planters, flower vases, and so on. You can place your small notebook or pen holder, as well as any other creative knick-knacks, on your console table to add to its fascinating appeal. 

Subtle Space Needs Definition

A console can also be a subtle way to define a space – for example, in open-plan settings, a console positioned behind a settee will serve to define that space while also providing something more appealing to look at than the back of a sofa! You could also use one next to a dining table to divide the space between the kitchen and the living room.