Reasons to Consider Trying Out a Stylish Country Look

The biggest reason why people like the simple country style as much as they do is because it can give you a great look while still being comfortable. It can also give you a bit more confidence in your appearance, while not making you come off as if you are trying too hard. Although a lot of people may think that this look is pretty difficult to pull off, the truth is that all you need is a few essential elements and you will look like you came out of a Clint Eastwood western.

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If you plan on adding a bit of country to your wardrobe, the first thing about country clothing Australia residents should stick to is to make it as light and simple as possible. You will want something that won’t make you feel too warm, and that can let you breathe freely. In terms of the upper body, the best choice would be a simple button up shirt with long sleeves which you can unbutton and roll up if you need to. The pants should naturally be jeans, but make sure that they are a good enough fit that they don’t restrict your movement, but aren’t so loose that you’ll get wind resistance from the pant legs. If you are going to fully commit to the look, then you will naturally have to wear your shirt tucked in, meaning that you will need a great belt buckle to show off, as well as some brown leather shoes to complete the ensemble.

Speaking of shoes, when it comes to country clothing Australia women need to add to their wardrobe, there is no more essential item than the cowboy boots. While most of the other articles can be mixed and matched, the boots are the staple that holds the outfit together. The great thing about the country look is that both men and women can pull off the same look with the same amount of confidence. However, if you prefer to stand out a bit more, you can simply make a few little changes and get a completely different outfit all together. The best way to do this is to keep the skinny jeans, but instead of just a button up, opt for a single colour t-shirt and a plaid long sleeve shirt over it. If this particular outfit isn’t to your liking, then feel free to go wild and come up with your own combos.