Reasons to Practice with a Tennis Ball Firing Machine

Tennis features some of the best high-tech ball machines, however, most tennis players don’t really take advantage of them. Some tennis players see them as unnecessary, while others don’t want to invest in any more equipment.

However, the truth is that using a tennis ball machine can help you get better at the game. These machines fire tennis balls continuously for extended periods of time, which is essential for a player to when working on improving the skills. They can help prepare players for the vast range of strokes they will perform during a real game.

In this post, I’ll discuss more about these machines and the ways they help you improve your game!

How Can a Tennis Ball Machine Improve Your Game?

Stroke Mechanics


Tennis players use these great tools to practice and refine their stroke mechanics. A player can practice their overheads, slices, high and low approaches, overheads, forehands, backhands, overheads, and many other shots.

Nowadays, there are powerful tennis ball machines on the market that consistently throw balls for an extended period. They’re equipped with multiple court drills that replicate the most common tennis styles. These machines fire balls with a variety of heights, spins, speeds, directions, and frequencies. Advanced machines feed balls with completely random or pre-determined outcomes.

Overall, ball machines help you sharpen your abilities, develop the whole spectrum of strokes that you’ll encounter in a real match, and help you return shots more instinctively.

Better Footwork

If you set up your machine correctly, it’ll also help you practice your footwork more effectively. These tennis ball machines are accurate and dependable, which allows you to focus on certain patterns for as long as you need to. So, throw on your most comfortable sports shoes, head onto the court, and master your footwork!

Prepares Your Body

This next benefit goes together with improved footwork. By training with ball machines, you get some quality physical preparation and prepare your body for real-life games. These machines offer different tennis ball speeds, spins, feeding rates, and other factors that help you set up intense exercises and routines.

Recognition Skills

If you regularly practice with a portable ball machine, your ball recognition skills can get significantly better over time. These skills include the ability to follow and sense the ball, its spin and trajectory, and the way it behaves.

Boosts Confidence

Lastly, the most important element of any activity is often the mental component. Imagine striking hundreds of balls, all of which are winners—they all land in the intended spots, and you know that you’ve done this a hundred times. This will increase any player’s confidence. It will make them feel assured that they can engage and block any shot.

Tips for Using a Tennis Ball Machine


People often position these machines at the centre of the court. However, shots often come from the sides, so this causes more harm than benefit. Move the machine to the left or right side of the court, or even close to the middle, without hesitating. In a real-life game, put the machine where the shot will come from.

Set the machine’s feeding frequency so that when a ball you’re returning comes close to the machine, it automatically fires another one. This way, the game’s pace will be more organic. Use the features of your tennis machine to the fullest extent possible! Practice adjusting the spin, speed, directions, depth, and height in different ways. Last but not least, remember to sometimes switch up the drills so you don’t get easily bored.

The Importance of a Good Instructor

If you combine lessons from a teaching pro with practice on a ball machine, you’ll learn and improve more rapidly than those who solely concentrate on one or the other. Both good teaching and good regular practice cannot be substituted for one other. For this reason, a mix of the two will work best.

Combine each session with a lot of practice before going on to the next one. A portable ball machine is a simple, risk-free approach to picking up the necessary skills and muscle memory. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to apply what they’ve learned in classes to a real game.

Beginners may struggle to put theory into practice and may have a difficult time transitioning if they don’t follow up with lots more tennis ball machine practice.

Make Sure to Practice Real-Life Games


As I mentioned, modern machines can fire completely random shots. This keeps you moving around and adapting constantly. Nevertheless, playing against a real opponent is still extremely different from practicing on a wall or with a machine.

You will get used to returning the same balls with the same spin at the same speed, height, and depth, especially with certain lower-end equipment. You’ll think that you’re making progress, when in reality, you’re stuck in the same place. Make sure to use a tennis ball machine that randomises the spin, speed, and other characteristics of the ball, and don’t forget to regularly practice in real-life games as well!