Streetwear Essentials: How to Style an NBA Jersey

One of the most watched professional sports in the world, basketball has fans all over the world. Basketball jerseys are a fantastic way to show your passion for the game or a specific player. Once you know how to choose the ideal jersey for you, and the appropriate occasions for wearing it, styling it is an easy task. Read on to learn how to use this streetwear staple to spice up your look.

Pick an Iconic NBA Jersey

When creating a streetwear look, it’s best to start with the jersey. That way, you have the perfect base to build the rest of the outfit. Incorporating staples like NBA jerseys that come in various vibrant colours and patterns is an easy step because such pieces can become the focal point of any outfit.


However, if you plan on rocking an NBA jersey as part of your casual streetwear get-up, you should go for an iconic piece such as the Mamba jersey. What makes this limited edition jersey suitable for anyone, even those who aren’t Lakers fans?

In 2003, Kobe Bryant was arguably the best player the NBA had seen in a generation, and one of the most well-known athletes in the world. At that point, he proposed the concept of an alter ego and created “Black Mamba”. As he said: “When I step on that court, I become that. I am that killer snake. I’m a stone-cold man.”

It didn’t take long for Nike to take notice of him, and, after a while, they formally launched the Mamba brand. Kobe, however, had something much bigger in mind when he agreed to the lucrative shoe and merchandise deal; as a result, the “Mamba League” was established with the noble purpose of providing free access to sports for inner-city children.


The Lakers team is now doing everything possible to preserve the Legend after the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna shocked the world. They decided to wear the black and yellow mamba jersey at the final game when they won the championship for the 17th time in 2020 as a tribute to their great Mamba.

Featuring a snakeskin print and drop shadows on the numbers, a flashback to detail from the Lakers uniforms when Bryant was a rookie in 1996-97, the Black Mamba jersey is an iconic clothing piece. Not only does it have all the features for a stunning black and golden outfit, but it also holds a great legacy and value. It’s the perfect statement piece that should be a part of the wardrobe of any hypebeast.

What Do I Wear with NBA Jersey?

Now that you’ve picked up a statement NBA jersey, whether it’s from the team you love or just a design you like to wear, you can start building your outfit around it. These are the clothes we don when we want to flaunt our jerseys as part of our streetwear.


Wearing a t-shirt underneath your jersey is a popular look that has survived since the 1990s. However, not every t-shirt will work. Choose a plain t-shirt to highlight the colour of your classic Mamba jersey rather than a graphic t-shirt that will blend in with it. Under most jerseys, a classic white tee looks great if you can’t make up your mind about the colour.



You can layer a casual shirt on top of your jersey to enhance its colours, depending on the jersey you choose. However, this look is much more challenging to pull off than wearing a tee underneath. Pick a relaxed look, such as a checkered flannel. For the best appearance, the colour of the check pattern should contrast the jersey’s primary colour.


Wearing your jersey over a hoodie is a cosy outfit to pull off when it gets chilly outside, but you still want to show off your pride and joy. Leave the graphic hoodies at home, just like when picking a t-shirt, and stick with neutral hues like white, grey, or black under your jersey. If you do decide to wear it, your NBA jersey might need to size up to fit comfortably over a jumper.



If you wear a jacket over your jersey, it’s crucial to keep your look simple and casual. Blazers and other more formal jackets aren’t suitable for this look, so choose denim jackets, puffers, and varsity bomber jackets instead.


Jeans are a staple piece of streetwear that go best with your jersey. Most jean styles will go well, but we prefer skinnier styles because they create a more streamlined appearance. Versions that have been torn and distressed also look great, especially when worn with throwback swingman jerseys from the past.

Other Bottom Options

Chinos are an alternative to jeans and offer a similar clean appearance to go with your jersey. When you layer your jersey, chinos look good with a casual shirt or jacket.

Track pants or fleece joggers should be your go-to if you’re looking for a comfortable athleisure outfit to wear while you watch the game.

Shorts go well with your NBA jersey if the temperature is starting to rise. Select a laid-back look for your outfit to wear out, such as denim shorts or cuffed chino shorts. Sports shorts are a must if you’re hitting the court.

Accessorising an NBA Jersey

With the help of accessories like hats and shoes, you can take your jersey look to the next level.

Without a suitable hat, no outfit is complete. You can go all out with a printed snapback or keep it simple with a logo cap. Swap it for a colourful beanie when it starts to get cold outside.

Sneakers go best with an outfit that includes an NBA jersey. Bonus points if you’re sporting basketball-inspired sneakers like Air Jordans or Chuck Taylors. Their casual style helps to create the ideal streetwear ensemble.