Essential Food Preparation Bakery Equipment List

It takes artistry to be a good baker. It also requires the use of the appropriate tools if you want to successfully run a commercial business, just like any other creative endeavour. In addition to selecting a suitable location, finding a suitable site, and managing finances, another important factor to take into account when beginning a commercial bakery business is the required commercial bakery equipment. So, you can’t leave it out of your priorities.


1. Oven

The oven is without a doubt the most important piece of machinery in a professional bakery. Both gas and electric ovens are appropriate for use in business settings. Cookies and puffs, two baked goods having a crisp texture, are said to work well in electric ovens. Gas ovens, on the other hand, are perfect for moist baked products like cakes, brownies, and the like. A single deck, six-tray gas oven with a stainless steel body and a 400°C maximum temperature is available for purchase. These ovens are perfect for large orders due to their increased capacity and storage space.

2. Flour Mixer Machine

The ingredients, the desired end product, the leavening agent (specifically whether the dough is based on yeast or not), the method of mixing the dough (whether it is swiftly mixed or kneaded and allowed to rise), and the cooking or baking process all affect how the dough turns out. Although most doughs contain viscoelastic qualities, there is no precise definition of what constitutes a dough mixture.


Whatever your process and methods, a flour mixer machine is of absolute necessity to your bakery and is a machine that contains a fixed spiral-shaped agitator while the bowl circles around it, providing a constant mix ideal for baking. In this dough mixer, bakers may combine, fold, beat, and whip food components. Because a commercial bakery’s product needs are increasing by the day, it is advised to purchase a 40-litrer stainless steel body planetary electric food mixer with a capacity of up to 10kg cream and 6kg flour.

3. Dough Proofer

Electric proofers are crucial pieces of baking equipment for maintaining warm, moist dough. Usually, bakers put the dough in a proofer to increase the temperature and humidity, which causes the dough to rise. For big commercial bakeries, you need a twin glass door electric proofer with 16 trays.

4. Waffle Maker

Waffles are among the most popular items requested by costumes at bakeries. It is really easy and quick to complete the process with a professional electric waffle maker. On the market you can find waffle makers that are circular, square, and revolving.


5. Pancake Baker

It’s highly advised to not save money on a professional pancake maker if you want to serve exquisite Dutch pancakes. A commercial pancake oven speeds up and simplifies the baking process. There are numerous shapes and sizes you can choose from.

6. Bread Slicer

Cutting bread loaves by hand takes a lot of time and effort when cutting a lot of loaves. Additionally, there is a chance for human error. Any bread loaf with improperly cut bread could damage your reputation in the business world. As a result, we advise purchasing an electric bread slicer with steel or plastic trays that range in thickness from 10 to 12 mm. Large-scale manufacturing is perfect for commercial bread slicers.

7. Work Table


Work tables, often known as benches, are necessary in any kitchen and bakery. On a work table, numerous foods are being prepared, so you can’t do without one. Consider chopping up some of the components, for instance. People need the room to carry out these tasks, and a workbench can provide that.

8. Shelves

From cocoa powder to wheat to sugar, each industrial bakery contains hundreds of different components. As a commercial bakery, it should provide a variety of things such as doughnuts, cakes, waffles, cookies, and so on. Preparing all of these goods necessitates a large number of components and tools. As a result, commercial shelves are required to store your goods and keep them up to health standards.

9. Commercial Refrigerator


Whipping cream, ingredients for batter, batters, and other products are stored in commercial refrigerators. Given the volume of output, we suggest that you look for a refrigerator with a stainless steel body, a double door vertical chiller static, a big capacity of around 500 litres, and a digital display. The refrigerator should be able to store a lot of items and keep food fresh for an extended amount of time.

10. Cake Showcase Display

A showcase for cakes is an essential component of commercial baking equipment. The majority of professional bakeries display their stunning, distinctive, and delectable cakes in glass and stainless steel cake cases. Cake display cases come in two varieties: hot and cold. No business bakery appears to be a bakery without them.

A display has the dual benefits of drawing customers and keeping cakes and other bakery goods fresh for an extended period of time. For a nice presentation, you’ll need space for a chilled cake pastry cabinet with a powder-coated sheet, vacuum-insulated glass, three adjustable shelves to position the goods, heated glass to keep the food warm and fresh, and a vented cooling system.