From Leather to Canvas: Unveiling Different Casual Men’s Shoe Materials

In modern times, where fashion is all about feeling and looking great, men’s casual shoes have emerged as versatile staples that effortlessly blend comfort and style. A good pair of casual shoes is a necessity in every guy’s closet. 

When it comes to choosing footwear, besides fit, materials are the most important thing to consider. Men’s casual footwear comes in many different materials. Your winning pair can be made from leather, suede, canvas or synthetic material. Here’s what each entails. 



Genuine leather is a natural, classic and luxurious material that has been used in traditional shoemaking for centuries, and for a good reason. Apart from being timelessly elegant and stylish, it’s also an extremely strong and long-lasting material, making leather casual shoes for men a durable choice that can endure the rigours of daily wear and tear. With proper care, high-quality men’s leather casual shoes can last for years to come.

That said, it’s common for leather to change over time. When exposed to light, heat, and moisture, casual leather shoes can develop a unique patina. For those who don’t know, patina is the worn-out, aged appearance of an object’s surface. Many people value the distinctive and timeless appearance that patina lends to leather shoes. After all, what could be more perfect for a shoe lover than a pair that is unlike any other pair on the planet?

Furthermore, over time, leather stretches and moulds nicely to the shape of your foot. This personalised fit offers excellent support and reduces pressure points, leading to better posture and enhanced comfort.

Another key benefit of leather material is that it’s breathable. Breathable leather shoes will keep your feet comfortably cool and dry. Individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet will find breathable men’s casual footwear especially useful.


Suede fabric is another popular option for making men’s casual shoes. It’s a natural material (although there is faux suede) that can be made from any animal hide. Also known as nubuck, it’s soft, ultra-light and has a smooth and soft texture. Like leather, suede shoes can stretch over time to adapt to the shape of your feet, offering comfort and personalised fit. In fact, due to the relative thinness of this material, suede is usually more flexible and stretchier than leather.

In terms of style, suede footwear for men is renowned for its sophisticated look and luxurious feel. It can lend a touch of understated elegance to virtually any outfit. If you want to take things up a notch you can opt for men’s suede brogues. These have small hole perforations that add a touch of visual interest while enhancing breathability.

Speaking of breathability, suede just like grain leather, is a naturally breathable fabric. It makes your feet sweat less, even in the summertime. You can wear your suede casual shoes year-round. However, keep in mind that rain and suede don’t go hand in hand. Water can damage suede and cause stains on its surface. Luckily, you can protect your suede causal shoes by applying a repellent spray that keeps moisture and dirt from penetrating the material.

As mentioned before, suede can be harder to maintain clean than other materials. It’s not resistant to dirt and water meaning casual suede shoes for men can easily become stained and require special cleaning products and techniques.



Canvas is a strong, tightly woven fabric. It’s usually made by blending cotton with synthetic fibres. That said, canvas is a low-maintenance footwear option. Unlike leather and suede shoes, they can be tossed into a washing machine or hand-washed to remove stains. This means that even after a rainy day you can restore them to their former glory hassle-free.

Furthermore, due to the lightweight, breathable and flexible nature of the canvas, these shoes are an excellent choice for everyday wear. Whether you’re running errands, hanging out with friends or working at the office, quality men’s casual canvas shoes will keep your feet comfortably cool.

Also, compared to leather and suede footwear, canvas shoes are usually a more pocket-friendly option. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals on a budget who don’t want to compromise on style and comfort. 

Finally, while casual canvas shoes are breathable and comfortable, they may not be as versatile and durable as men’s leather casual shoes. They are more prone to ripping, tearing, and general wear and tear.


Vegan or faux” leather is a popular synthetic material for making men’s causal shoes. It can be made from sustainable biomaterials or polymers like polyurethane and other recyclable materials that mimic the look and feel of genuine leather. It’s worth mentioning that the overall procedure of creating vegan leather men’s shoes doesn’t require as much usage of materials as creating traditional leather shoes. This means that vegan leather footwear is a more responsible alternative to traditional leather.

Vegan leather shoes look quite similar to genuine leather shoes. They have the same texture and roughness as genuine leather meaning it’s hard to find a difference between them. if you’re someone who wants to make an eco-conscious fashion choice without compromising on style and quality, these shoes can be a great choice.

Also, since vegan leather shoes for men don’t contain animal products, they’re naturally hypoallergenic and may be a great option for individuals who are sensitive to leather.