Finding the Perfect Fit: Your Guide to Buying Sneakers Online

From casual and stylish to sporty functional, sneakers have become a staple wardrobe item. Initially designed for the working-class and athletes, nowadays, you can see people wearing sneakers everywhere: from the red carpet to sports games and events.

Whether you’re a sneaker fan or only wear them in the gym, finding the perfect pair of sneaker shoes is very important. If you’ve been looking to buy your next pair online but you’re afraid of making the wrong buying decision, this guide is for you! Learn how to choose the right fit and size without trying them on. But first, let’s see some of the advantages of buying sneakers online.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Sneakers Online

Access to Hard-to-Get Pieces


Has it ever happened to you to fall in love with a pair of sneakers just to find out that they’re out of stock in your local sneaker store? Some sneaker models are really hard to get in one central store. If you search for them online, you’ll find that many sneaker stores have a particular model in stock.

Authenticity Guarantee

Many online sneaker stores sell counterfeit brands today, so it’s important to check the store’s reliability when shopping. However, this problem isn’t solely reserved for shopping online; many brick-and-mortars do it too. So, how to ensure a quality buy?

Some stores only use the most reliable distributors worldwide and sell hand-picked sneakers through a rigorous authenticity program. They have a verification team that looks at every product arriving at their offices. They review every product to make sure it’s legit. Once confirmed, the product will get sent to you as a buyer.

You’ll receive the product along with your authenticity guarantee. If the pair you receive isn’t in the proper condition, the store will fully refund you, while the product will be sent back to the seller and banned for further sale. You ensure premium quality when you buy your sneakers from a sneaker store that sells only 100% authentic and verified items.

Options and Convenience


These are the main reasons why you should buy shoes online. Online sneaker shops offer an endless selection of products waiting for you at your fingertips. You can get exactly what you want when you want it. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in one store, you’ll likely find it in another one.

And all that without having to get up, get dressed, drive, and walk around for a couple of hours at a mall trying different shoe styles. You can simply open your computer or phone, scroll through a vast catalogue of products and choose a pair. It only takes opening a new tab to go to another store.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Sneakers for You

Find the Perfect Fit

The main concern of most people when buying sneakers online is whether they’ll get the correct size. This is a genuine concern not exclusive to buying shoes online. According to the American Orthopaedic Association, many people (mostly women) get the wrong shoe size. I know, I was also surprised to hear this asking myself how is it possible. Wearing the wrong shoe size can be painful and uncomfortable and cause blisters, calluses, and many other issues.

Some shoes can be very comfortable when you first put them on. But you can start feeling tension and pressure in the foot after wearing them for a more extended period. This happens when the shoes are too small.

To avoid this, it can be helpful to measure your foot first. How can you do that? Simply put your foot on a piece of paper and draw two dots: one when your heel ends and one when your longest toe ends. Connect the two dots and measure the distance between them in centimetres. That’s the length of your foot. Repeat the procedure on your other foot, too, as many people have different-sized feet. If this is the case with you, choose the proper sneaker size for your bigger foot.

Almost every sneaker shop offers a size chart for every model they sell. Now that you know your feet’s length, you can compare it to the size chart and find your perfect fit.

Another important factor can be the shape of your feet. Opt for sneakers that have a shape similar to your feet. Also, after you purchase a pair of sneakers, wear them home for a while to ensure they’re comfortable.

Determine Their Purpose


Determining the purpose of the sneakers you’re buying and how you will wear them can help you buy the appropriate type for you. There are several kinds of shoes, including running, biking shoes and shoes for sports like tennis, basketball, and football. All of them have the specifications needed to help you with your activity.

Do you need a casual sneaker for going out? Or, do you need a sports shoe for running or working out?

Your needs should be the first thing to consider when buying sneakers. For example, if you’ve noticed a lot of blisters in your heels, you should go for a sneaker that’s soft around the ankles. If you’re going to wear them for a whole day at work, consider a pair with good arch support.

Consider Your Style

Always choose sneaker models that will suit your current wardrobe. Buying the latest style that doesn’t suit your style is like hopping on the trend train just because it’s passing through. Buy shoes that won’t require you to change your entire wardrobe.

Sneakers are incredibly versatile, meaning they can go well with any outfit. Start with buying a pair you can wear with any off-duty outfit, and even with some casual suits. Then, upgrade your style by buying more specific models.

To Summarise

The Internet and smartphones have changed the way we shop today. Buying shoes online isn’t an exception. It’s expected more and more people to get their shoes online. Sticking to simple principles like those presented in this guide can help you make the most of your online shopping and ensure a good buy.