Stylish Accessories: The Reasons to Invest in Arnette Sunglasses

In a world that’s constantly changing, it’s easy to get stressed – in fact, for many modern-day people, it turns chronic to the point it alters their quality of life and health for the worst. While we can’t stop changes from happening, we can do something about ourselves. It’s possible to avoid the daily tension and anxiety, and the mess they bring about, by adopting a laid-back lifestyle.

Becoming more laid-back takes some time and work, and even if you’re not the kind of person who can go with the flow, you can start by making some small changes in your daily life. How about you change a few things in the wardrobe, introducing clothing or accessories like eyewear from an easy-going brand like Arnette? You know how the aphorism goes: “Fake it till you make it”!

What’s So Special About Arnette?

Individual Style

First of all, let’s start with the fact it’s a brand based on the principle that the right way is doing things your way, with values such as authenticity with their designs of unique Arnette lenses and frames. As the focus is on a style of individuality, their main audience is teenage girls and boys, millennials and Gen Zs, as well as those who are young at heart, with a relaxed lifestyle. This itself should be reason enough to make them part of your outfits.

Green Style



Want to hear of yet another reason? Sustainability! The brand stands firmly behind the motto that searching for the ideal style shouldn’t be at the expense of nature, which is why they’ve created a sustainable collection comprised of iconic past designs created with sustainable materials such as BTR 600 plastic.

Despite their durability and quality, eventually lenses will go through wear and tear, but this too won’t be a problem when you can order Arnette sunglasses replacement lenses as a solution. With outstanding techniques used to develop precision polyamide lenses, your favourite shades will look as good as new.

Besides this being a great option for cutting down on expenses, it’s also at the benefit of the environment. This is perfect if you plan on going green and implementing more ground-breaking changes, like powering the home the clean way, as well as learning the importance of recycling and repurposing for a zero waste household.

Outdoor and Urban Style


Source: Design Scene

As the brand has its roots in the Orange County, California, it’s tightly connected to outdoor adventures, specifically surf, which very much makes part of Australia and Brazil too, outside of the US. This explains why the brand got global success since its beginnings back in 1992.

After the company was sold to the Luxottica Group, a name famous for its domination of the eyewear world, Arnette has maintained its outdoorsy appeal, but it also got the focus on streetwear, getting an urban appeal. Besides the models of frames and Arnette sunglasses replacement lenses designs being appealing to the youth worldwide, they’ve also managed to grab the attention of athletes, celebrities, and artists like photographers , musicians, and tattoo artists.

A Variety of Options


Source: Gem

As there are different styles they tend to encompass, targeting a wider clientele that has or wants to adopt a hip lifestyle, there are many models one can pick from.

This is both in terms of sunglasses you can wear on sunny days, or to elevate a look, and on daily basis with optical glasses. Besides the purpose, and your personal style and mood, you should also have your shape of face and eye protection in mind when choosing your perfect pair of sunnies from the brand.

Not to mention, your ideal eyewear would come in handy with enhancing more of your good features and hiding some flaws (if you have any!). Thankfully, Arnette offer the perfect shades in a variety of sizes and colours. In the case of features, which are yet another aspect you ought to have in mind when shopping, you’ve got the chance to choose from a wide range of frames, available in acetate, a material synonymous with the RX model, as well as metal and nylon.

The various designs of lenses won’t disappoint you either, both original and Arnette sunglasses replacement lenses, as they come in classic, solid and mirror varieties. Want to have the sunnies that would join you on action sport adventures? Arnette have you covered too by offering sun models with polycarbonate lenses for maximum durability.

Want to create your own unique style others would want to copy? The brand’s got the ACES (Arnette Creative Exchange System) collection that allows you to pick from a vast array of frames with interchangeable arms so you can have fun coming up with your own mix.

Convenient Warranty

What more could you ask for in a quality pair of sunglasses than stylish frames, suitable replacement lenses for Arnettes, and great prices? Convenient warranty! From the date of purchase, they offer two-year warranty against defects in manufacturing, either from material or workmanship, for both sunglasses and eyeglasses.