Shower Unit: The Most Important Part of Your Bathroom for a Reason

Modern style can mean a lot of different things to different people. However, some of the most often concepts found in modern design are neutral or basic colours, natural materials, geometrical shapes and little or no decorative furnishes at all. When it comes to bathroom design, comfort is an important factor as well, so make sure you’re focusing on it when trying to create a modern bathroom in your home, whether you’re renovating it or styling a new one.

The process of incorporating modern aspects and comfort in your bathroom can be done easily if you choose the right shower tray, type of enclosure and shower head. The shower area is the most functional part of any bathroom and it can be a powerful design statement at the same time.

Transform the Look of Your Bathroom with the Right Shower Unit

frameless glass shower units

The bathroom is usually the busiest room in the home, especially during the morning rush hour. That’s why it’s important to ensure the shower fits perfectly into the functionality of the area. There is a variety of styles and finishes that can meet your modern bathroom aesthetics, so choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Before you begin carefully measure the available space and determine the dimensions.

Interior design has been focusing on sleek elegance for many years and the most popular upgrade for those who enjoy modern, or minimalist design are frameless glass showers. This type of showers has no visible frame and is the ideal choice if you want a shower unit that can provide a sleek, modern and trendy aesthetic to your bathroom.

Since bathroom renovations are some of the most popular home improvement projects, frames glass showers can be found in all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that it’s important to decide where it will go because even a small change in your existing plumbing can turn out to be expensive and time-consuming as well.

By eliminating the hardware, a frameless shower can add a luxurious touch to the overall aesthetic of your living space. Without any metal hardware, this shower enclosure eliminates the risk of corrosion, which is one of the main reasons why many homeowners replace their framed shower units.

Frameless shower doors are made of tempered glass, which is designed to shatter into small pieces as a safety precaution. Also, they have a thicker pane than framed shower doors because there is no supporting frame. Hinges, clips and door pulls are set into the glass and caulked at the edges and the corners with a thick silicone. Usually, they have rubber gaskets and silicone caulked edges to keep the water out.

Reasons to Choose Frameless Shower Doors

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The initial cost for a frameless shower may seem a bit expensive, but there are a wide variety of benefits that make it a well-worth investment in the long run.

Make Your Bathroom Look More Spacious

Frameless shower doors create the optical illusion of a bigger space, which can be very helpful if you’re working with a small bathroom. The transparent glass doors create an open and airy feel and can make the bathroom seem larger as they reflect natural light and illuminate the entire bathroom.

Reduce the Risk of Mould

When water gets under a framed shower door seals, it stays there and the warm and moist air of the bathroom create the ideal environment for mould and mildew to form. They can be dangerous to your health and the absence of hardware minimises the space for water to build-up, helping you to reduce the risk of mould in your bathroom.

Easy Cleaning

Frameless showers are easy to clean as there are no grooves or hardware for mould or dirt to collect. As they are easy to maintain, you can keep your bathroom looking sparkling clean most of the time with a quick wipe and squeegee. All you need is warm water and a damp, soft microfibre cloth.

Timeless Appeal

Frameless glass shower doors offer a classy and timeless look to almost any bathroom. That being said, you can rest assured that your shower will not go out of style anytime soon.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Bathroom Shower

Shower Head

The two most common types of shower heads you can choose from are fixed and handheld. The fixed ones, as the name suggests, are fixed through the ceiling or on an arm from the wall. Usually, they have only one flow pattern, though some may be adjustable. Sometimes they are referred to as rainfall or rainforest showers and can provide a luxurious showering experience.

Handheld shower hands, on the other hand, have a head that features both jet and spray options. This type of shower heads offers better reach and flexibility and can be combined with a wall-mounted slider rail, so you won’t have to hold it while taking a shower and adjust its height for a more luxurious shower experience.

Water Pressure System

The performance of your shower largely depends on the type of water pressure in your home. Therefore, the water pressure can determine the type of shower you need. Knowing what water pressure system is installed in your home is one of the most important things when it comes to selecting your shower.