More Than One Reason to Get the Right Letterbox

Even though we’ve all moved our lives online, including our correspondence, physical mail is still here to stay. And with it, the letterbox. While you don’t use your letterbox as often as your phone, it can still provide great value. It’s a vital exterior element, contributing to the first impression one gets from your home.

So, if you are thinking about decorating the garden in your new home with a letterbox or simply trying to spruce up your outdoor area, before going for the first thing to find out there, you should get informed properly. There are several things you should consider before deciding which letterbox to incorporate in your exterior, including how much mail you usually receive and what kind, the quality of the materials and the components, mount type, and, of course, aesthetics. So ultimately, the right choice of letterbox will make your home not only more functional but more stylish too.

Consider the Different Mounting Styles


Source: Javi Design

Letterboxes are primarily categorised according to the way they are mounted. Namely, there are five main types: wall-mounted, door-mounted, flush, post-mounted and fence letter box. None of them is a better option on its own, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. So, your choice will depend on your preferences, your needs and your taste. Of course, some of these types may be better suited for different types of premises or different circumstances, so this may play a role in your choice too.

If your garden is fenced and locked, if you have a dog, or if you simply don’t want to let the mail carrier inside your yard, maybe you should buy a quality fence letter box with an elegant design. As the name suggests, instead of inside your yard, ­these letterboxes are mounted on the fence facing towards the street, so the mail carrier can leave your mail without ever entering your property. A fence mounted letterbox can embellish the aesthetics of your home from the outside, but it’s also a very practical solution. This type of mailbox is probably the most convenient one for the mail carrier since they won’t have to enter your yard, which also means that it will take them less time to deliver your mail.

Like fence letterboxes, post mounted or curbside letter boxes are a great choice if you don’t want anyone stepping onto your property for whatever reason because they are usually placed outside of the yard fence. Nevertheless, located far from your front door, they may be a target for mischievous neighbourhood kids. But, like a fence letterbox, a post mounted mailbox is definitely a more convenient option for your mail carrier.

The other types of mailboxes are placed inside your property. Whether they are installed on the door, surface or flush-mounted on the wall, they can all be a great addition to your outdoor decor. A wall-mounted letter box can look especially great with a planter on top of it

Get a Design That Complements Your Space


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Like with any other item that you incorporate in your outdoor space, you need to make sure that the style of the letterbox goes well with the rest of the things around it. Regardless of which type you’ll choose, if you want your letterbox to double as decor for your front porch, choose one that complements the outdoor furniture, as well as pots, rugs or any other decorative elements on your front porch and your outdoor area in general. Natural colours and minimalistic designs are usually the best options for letterboxes because you don’t want them to stick out too much, but rather blend in nicely with the rest of the composition.

Choose Quality Materials That Guarantee Longevity


Source: Javi Design

Regardless of whether you get a letterbox to mount on the fence, a curbside one outside your property or one that will decorate your front porch placed near your doorbell, you should be very cautious about the quality of the materials. Don’t forget that water is one of the worst enemies of outdoor features, and make sure that the mailbox you choose is water-resistant and can get through any weather condition typical for your location.

Furthermore, you should be able to rely on your letterbox. It’s one of those things at our homes that we choose, we buy and we don’t really think about. This means that the materials also need to be durable. Go for a post, wall or fence mounted letterbox made from durable and sustainable materials. That said, some of the best options for letterboxes are stainless-steel and Accoya wood.

Pick a Suitable Size


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Before buying the type of mailbox that you find most appealing, you should determine how large it’s supposed to be. To do so, you’ll have to think about how much mail you and your family receive, as well as what kind. Ask yourself if you only receive letters, or do you also receive large packages, how frequently do you receive your mail etc. Questions like these can also help you determine the size and shape of letterbox you need for your home.