Tips for Dealing with Knee Pain

Knee pain can be exhausting and an obstacle when it comes to doing basic everyday activities. The constant pain can be quite a distraction and the reason why you can’t focus or do your daily tasks properly. It also something that you shouldn’t leave untreated as it can easily progress and increase your risk of serious injury. 

There are plenty of options that promise to reduce the pain you feel in your knees, provide you with support and help you move on with your life normally. And here are the most effective ones. 

Start Wearing Knee Braces for Support and Faster Recovery 

Knee pain is usually caused by some kind of injury, strain or because the knees suffer too much pressure. Athletes are more prone to experience knee pain because they are constantly involved in physical activities like running, jumping or playing sports.

Knee support braces are the ideal aid for knee pain and recovery. They are designed to support the knees and ease the pain while at the same time providing the knee with targeted massage and pain relief to the joint space. A knee brace is great for the treatment of a variety of knee problems such as strains, tendinitis, swelling, pain, jumpers knee, runner’s knee, feeling of instability as well as a lateral meniscus tear.

In addition to helping reduce the pain and secure the knee to prevent further complications, wearing a knee brace also stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism. It is ideal for mild joint inflammation, general knee instability and mild arthritis. Knee support braces can also help with moderate osteoarthritis, degenerative knee pain and misalignment of the kneecap.

man holding his knee wearing knee braces support

It’s recommended to get knee support braces made from flexible materials, preferably polyurethane that is extremely durable but lightweight and breathable which means more comfort and freedom of movement for you. The right knee brace should be soft and fit perfectly without being too tight or causing inconvenience.

Some knee support braces can even be washed in a machine without losing their shape, original fit or elasticity. The material from which the knee brace is made has to be comfortable, easy to put on and effective in lowering the pain and discomforts you may feel around the knee caps.

If on the other hand, you’re suffering from chronic pain or a severe case of injury, it’s recommended to get a knee brace that has a tension system and allows you to have complete control over how much you unload the joint. It too is made from a lightweight material that feels pleasant to wear and is invisible under clothes. You can wear it all day long and even at work.

Moderate Exercising Can Help With the Pain

Moderate exercising can significantly lower the knee pain you feel. You can start with slow and short walks, 20-30 minutes a day. You can take your pet for a walk, walk with a friend or alone listening to some music. If you prefer doing some physical exercises at home you can try stationary bike rides as a warm-up and then do a couple of repetitions of leg raises, wall squats, calf raises, step-ups, side leg raises, leg presses, or low impact cardio.

fitness girl doing exercises that help with knee pain

Swimming can also be of great use if you’re suffering from knee pain. You can try swimming or jogging in water as well as water aerobics. But make it your habit to always consult a doctor before starting with your exercise plan in order not to make the situation with your knees worst.

Follow a Diet Rich in Nutrients Recommended for Muscle and Bone Health 

Along with your exercise plan you can start following a healthy diet. That way you can maintain a healthy weight and reduce  the pressure your weight might be causing to your knees. In addition to maintaining a healthy weight, a proper diet provides your body with the much-needed nutrients that will help strengthen your joint and muscles, that way minimizing the possibility of injuries or strains from happening in the future and can to some level help with the pain and inflammation.

Consider including as many omega 3 fatty acids foods as tuna, salmon and sardines. They are known to reduce inflammatory proteins in the body but also improve brain function and the work of the cardiovascular system. Omega 3 can also be found in nuts like walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, and chia seeds. These are also known to help reduce inflammation in the joints. You can also start cooking your meals with olive oil which is another source of omega 3 and is extremely healthy compared to vegetable or sunflower oil.

Next, all green vegetables like kale, cabbage and broccoli are believed to block the enzyme responsible for swelled joints. Also, they are rich in vitamins, nutrients and fibre that are crucial for your overall wellbeing and good health.

A healthy diet would not be complete without plenty of fruits included in it. All fruits are good for your health but some are believed to be more effective in reducing inflammation. Such are pineapple, blueberries, strawberries and apples. But still, the more fruits you ingest the better for your health. If you were looking for reasons to buy a quality juicer, now you have one! You can start drinking natural juices in the morning as part of your new healthy lifestyle routine.

plate filled with vegetable and fish healthy diet

Include lentils and beans into your diet since they are a great source of proteins, fibres and minerals. They are also believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. There are plenty of delicious meals that you can make with them.

Whole grains can to some level trigger an inflammatory response. For that reason, it is important to include white bread, rice and pasta in your diet too but in moderate amounts.  

And don’t forget to include some tasty dark chocolate. You may think that a healthy diet is chocolate and sugar-free, but dark chocolate has a lot of benefits for bone and muscle health among which anti-inflammatory properties. You should be careful with the amount you ingest but a bit of chocolate from time to time can only be beneficial for you. 

Don’t Hesitate to Start With Physiotherapy

If you don’t feel any better after making a few life changes, maybe it is time to start with physiotherapy. Physiotherapy uses physical methods to treat certain diseases and injuries, including massages, exercise or electrotherapy and cryotherapy.

The duration of the therapy depends on how serious the injury is and how you respond to it. But it can be very useful and you’ll be under surveillance of a professional the whole time.