Reasons to Buy Quality Juicer (Even If You Already Have a Blender)

If you’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and start living a healthy life, main priority is to decide what you are going to eat. Well yeah, you can guess easily, veggies and fruits are the best foods to consume; and not just that they are loaded with vitamin, they are also the best filters to clean your body from toxins and unnecessary products.

Nutritionist and doctors recommend to consume veggies and fruits raw, but the dynamic lifestyle we all lead does not allow us this. Having less time to cook healthy recipes makes us keen on finding alternative healthy ways to include the daily doze of green vitamin bombs into our diet. The easiest would be to juice. And to juice you need a juicer.


If you have one (unpacked and hidden on top shelf in your kitchen cabinet), it’s time to unleash its powers. If you do not own one, it’s time you invested in a quality juicer. “But I have a blender; aren’t those the same?” Short answer would be NO. The difference between a blender and a juicer is huge, something like the stars in the sky – they seem close, but they are light years away. So how do you choose a quality juicer?

There are three types of juicing machines: centrifugal, triturating and masticating. The biggest difference is that centrifugal juicers grind, masticating chew and triturating press produce. With all the competition out there, it can be difficult to decide, right? According to latest consumer reports and sales statistics, the top-selling quality juicer is the masticating type. It yields the most juice (meaning less produce needed) and does not produce heat which destroys valuable nutrients.

Another thing that makes a juicer a quality one is low noise level. With a lot of voltage and watts coursing through the juicers, they have the fire-power to wake up the whole neighbourhood not just your family. Hence, get the model that produces little or no noise. Another thing you should pay attention to when selecting a juicer is the quality of the juicer components. The best quality ensures longevity of your machine meaning cheap maintenance and service.

Blended Orange Juice

Pouring a glass of fresh blended organic juice.

If you are sold on a specific quality juicer, you should find a way to make it part of your life. Eating vitamins and other healthy nutrients means that you care about yourself, and this will ultimatelly make you feel better about yourself, both mentally and physically, and even help you lose those few extra kilos. Of course, if the juice you consume is not high in calories and sugar.

So, your next question I presume is “How many calories in freshly squeezed juice?” Well it really depends on what you juice and the quantity you juice. Let say you put one more apple or kiwi than usual, then you will get a more caloric juice. And this is where most people make mistakes. They buy juicer just to lose some weight. It is true, there are many testimonials online where people claim to have lost from 10kg even up to 35kg thanks to a juicer, but you need to know the quantity and what type of what produce is best to supplement a meal. Fruit is high in sugar, so even if you have a glass of fruit juice instead of pizza, you still may not lose weight; in fact, you may even gain a kilo or two. Therefore, mix fruit and veggies but make sure vegetables prevail. The right fruit-to-vegetables ratio and a quality juicer combo will certainly help you lose weight. Cheers to your health!