Reasons to Boho Up: The Afro-Modern Jewellery Fusion

Looking to express yourself through jewellery? Boho is the right type of accessory to do that, but you can feel that there’s more to it, right? You know that it goes beyond simply owning many different kinds of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings and you are absolutely right. There is a lot more to it indeed. Jewellery gives you the power to express your womanity, your inner tame or wild goddess and it can help you give a hint about who you are and where you put yourself among others.

Some people might start thinking “Oh, come on, when did jewellery get such spiritual super powers?”, but beware that I’m not talking about the $13 earrings you got at the mall cause you have similar ones in blue and they are a good match with your turtleneck sweaters. I am not talking about expensive gold and silver jewellery either. I am referring to the power of handmade products and the way they changed my view on accessorizing as a whole.

Less is more “– scratch that. Less is much much more. What I started to notice after buying several pieces of handmade jewellery is that all of a sudden I had much more jewellery. Why? It’s the fabulous boho vibe, the pieces I got had so much on them in a fun, yet intriguing way that they were a perfect match to almost any dress or shirt I had. Bye bye overcrowded jewellery boxes, welcome functionality and style. OK, I am well aware that I cannot wear my new Africa-inspired necklace to a formal meeting, but I can surely leave my screen goddess ring on.

Many other people that share my passion for exotic places, often opt for jewellery that is inspired by those places, or at least pieces that look as if they’re handmade. However, I did have a problem to match my ex-favorite boho-vintage fusion necklace with such ease as I could with my handmade products. The reason for this is the attention to detail. When a piece of jewelery has the whole spectrum of colors within, it becomes so unique, so all-comprising that what you see in front of you is an almighty piece of uniqueness that is much more than accessory. It is a statement in beads and gems! Even if it has one dominant color, still, the principle of perfect matching also applies. The colors of handmade jewellery are more organic, more sea, sky, tree, earth like, more free.

If you look at the pictures presented below, specifically to the one on the left, you can see a handmade necklace that is inspired by becoming one with nature and therefore – it looks as if talented hands have barely touched the pebbles and the mesh. These are the details that add to the versatility of handmade jewellery as opposed to the uniformity of mass produced items.

On the picture to the right, we see the classic and forever beautiful white pearls necklace. I do own one, but I still get that old feeling of lacking when I look at it. I guess once you go handmade you never go back. The attraction a woman starts to feel when it comes to bohemian handmade jewellery goes far beyond design and attention to detail. It is connected to its deepness, to the culture it represents, the fusion between the natural, the unique and the soul of the talented craftsmen and that is not to be duplicated.


I urge women to invest in handmade products and avoid falling for the price trap. Yes, handmade is more expensive – someone made it for you, as unique as it is, detail by detail with their bare hands. However, you should also take into consideration that buying one handmade jewellery has the worth and outfit matching potential of 10 mass produced ones. So you won’t be losing money, quite the contrary, you’ll be saving while owning something nobody else has. Wouldn’t you love that feeling? I know I do.