Reasons Why Cubby Houses Are Good for Your Children

When I first saw the cubby house (large one, almost like an extra room with a rooftop), I said to my husband: “There’s no way I’m putting that in my backyard and taking care of it. I have an entire house to look after, I won’t sign up for another one.” And can you blame me? It looked like an extra bedroom for my children! But, since my husband always answers to my impulsive reactions, and has great persuasive powers, he somehow made me think twice about it. And it did not take me long to change my mind.

First thing about childrens chubby houses is that they are made to be part of children’s play time. And since they’re made for kids to play in them, they can’t be too much of a trouble to take care of. Another thing to have in mind is that as a large toy, your kids will be occupied most of the time, providing you with some much needed free time for yourself. Here are a few reasons to make you give the childrens chubby houses a second thought:

Childrens Cubby House

Gaining Independence

Don’t get carried away, it’s not like your kids will learn what making their own dinner means. But with their minds so untouched by the outer environment and faced with certain difficulties, children start to think and solve their own problems. Childrens chubby houses are designed almost like real houses (just in a lot smaller, cuter version), and when overcoming certain obstacles designed to make them think of a solution, kids feel a lot more confident about their moves. So, safe and teaching – advantage no. 1.

Developing Social Skills

True, kindergardens are a nice place to bring a lot of kids together to develop their social skills, but a chubby house in the backyard, with your hidden support will allow your kids to master social skills. Arranging a play date for yours and the kids from the neighborhood? Legos are great, but wait until other children see the chubby house: excitement levels will reach the sky! Plus, what better way for kids to communicate, learn team work and make friends?

Creativity Overload!

A chubby house can be so many things to children: a hospital, a home, a school, a rocket and practically anything their little minds can think of. And as such, a chubby house brings the best out of children, making you realize that all children are creative in their own unique way. And just wait and see; you’ll be surprised by all the things children think they can play in a chubby house.

The Good, Unplugged Way of Entertainment

We live in the era of technology, smart phones, lap tops and game consoles that literally trap children in front of monitors keeping them away from all the beautiful things the outside world has to offer. Sunny days are spend inside, the loud, inexplicably kind noise of laughter is reduced and children grow to be closed, emotionally disabled with no actual childhood full of knee wounds, a few drops of blood, a lot of sweat from running around and no tears because of harmless quarrels. No way I’m allowing that for my children, so buying a chubby house is a good start to get them out in the open and make them create their own fun.

The Precious “You” Time – Your Benefit

What would you do if you knew your kids are busy playing in the backyard in a chubby house, completely obsessed with some game? Maybe you will finish dusting and making some clothes arrangement in the bedroom? Or maybe make yourself a nice cocktail, sit on a chair outside and read a book while sunbathing? Exactly – you will have enough “me” time to take a breath and continue being the ‘supermom’ you are.