Powering Your Home the Clean Way: Reasons to Go Solar

We’re living in one of the sunniest places in the world, so it would be a shame if we don’t use all that sunshine to our advantage. And I don’t mean just spending more time outdoors or going to the beach. There are other benefits to having up to 283 days of sunshine each year, such as being able to power our homes entirely on solar energy. If you’re unsure whether switching to solar power is a smart move, here are some great reasons that might just convince you.

Great Savings

Many homeowners believe that solar power is expensive and out of their budget. However, the costs of off grid solar power kits for homes continue to fall significantly, allowing them to become a common feature of many Australian homes. In fact, in the last 5 years, solar panel prices have dropped a whopping 58%, making solar power cheaper than fossil fuels. Just take a look around a single neighbourhood and you’ll notice that solar panels seem to dominate.

However, even if the initial cost may be high, with time, you will be able to get your money back in the form of savings. Once you pay for the kit and the installation, you won’t have to spend a single dollar more on your home’s electricity needs. And considering how electricity prices in Australia are currently rising to record highs, off grid solar power kits for homes are definitely a more affordable option.


Limitless Energy

Power outages are definitely an inconvenience to daily life, especially if you’re in the middle of cooking something or working on your computer. However, with a solar panel kit attached to a battery, your household will never experience a loss of power again. Yes, you read that right. Even if many people believe that solar power is unavailable whenever the sky is cloudy, your home can have its electricity needs met even on a rainy day. As long as you make sure to install a powerful solar battery to store extra energy, you will be provided with power 24/7, making outages a thing of the past.

Good for the Environment

And finally, renewable energy sources such as solar power can help the environment. While most of the electricity in Australia is generated from fossil fuels which are non-renewable, solar energy will be available to use as long as the sun shines and the Earth turns. In addition, coal, oil and natural gas are also the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. With that being said, by switching to clean and renewable solar energy, we’re helping in the fight against global warming.