Reasons to Redesign Your Kitchen This Lockdown

In the midst of increased mental health concerns due to COVID-19, the home may act as a buffer for some individuals with depressive and anxiety-related symptoms by functioning as a sanctuary where security and stability are offered. Chances are, you haven’t been around your kitchen this much in a very long time. Maybe you even went overboard with the closeness at certain points of the lockdown. The point is, the kitchen has a central place in our lives as a source of both nutrients and comfort and we’ve been outsourcing this service for long enough. Up from the lighting down to the flooring for kitchen and dining rooms, cooking and eating at home can get a new dimension you’ve been craving for and here’s how.

Achieve Both Style & Functionality


What do you want from a kitchen? To cook and eat in peace and serenity, making both practicality and appearances a priority. Throughout the pandemic, hygiene has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds and will become a priority for people when designing their homes. On the other hand, we don’t want to replace the warmth of a home-cooked meal with sterility.

This will bring many interesting changes inside our homes, including a move towards germ-resistant materials, smart technology and easy-to-clean hard surfaces. Whether it’s making big changes, like using materials that have antibacterial properties or surfaces which are easy to clean, or small ones, like incorporating more stylish bins and luxurious hand sanitiser containers, the point is to feel safe but not too clinical or out of place.

Speaking of hygiene, don’t forget you need flooring for kitchen remodelling and you need to consider what kind of kitchen floor is easiest to clean. Whether you opt for a tile kitchen floor or vinyl flooring for the kitchen, it needs to be set earlier on in the process, preferably after painting your kitchen walls.

Vinyl flooring has been on the rise in recent years because of the modern upgrades it’s received. Now available in tiles and planks that mimic the look of hardwood and stone, it’s completely waterproof, has an almost springy feel underfoot, and is incredibly easy to clean. Thus, vinyl flooring is the best kitchen flooring option if you’re a DIY type of person.

Another way to achieve supreme functionality is to use interior fittings and drawers to maximize your storage. Replace your old cabinets with ones that reach the ceiling and maximize your vertical space. Use smaller appliances if possible and try to squeeze in a pantry, even if it is just a small pull-out one. Don’t forget the space above your fridge as it can be used as storage too.

Hooks can help you hang kitchenware and cups while a magnetic knife bar can keep your chopping skills sharp. The inside of your cabinet doors is a neat and tidy way to hide away unnecessary clutter.

You Deserve Premium Dining


With everything that’s been going on or should we say hasn’t, home entertainment has become a really important factor for us. Those with gardens have intended to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining spaces. Fear not, as there are ways how to create a fine dining experience at home even if you just have a kitchen island.

As you can’t go outside, a trending alternative is to bring the outside in. The mix between the freedom of the outdoors and the comfort and safety of indoors will enable you to have the ultimate relaxing dinner, whether it’s just you or your family is joining you. The advancements of modern kitchen appliances allow you to host a successful restaurant experience without leaving the house. It’s time for that old electric stove to go and replace it with a gas stove. If you’re not 100% confident in your own abilities, have something delivered, bring out the fine China or crystal and make sure everything is spotlessly served.

Having your neighbours over? You’ve all been down and simple waving down the hall just won’t cut it anymore. Think of the meal you’d like to prepare and pick a theme to match. Maybe you want to create a Parisian café vibe or fulfil your yearning for the tropics while you’re eating Vietnamese?

Investing a bit in flowers can help you paint your ambience in soothing green tones and take you in any direction of the world you please. Candles can illuminate any room and mood but when it comes to having a dinner date with your partner, they are the ultimate igniters of romance. The right décor can transform any space into your fantasy dinner, it just depends on how many extra miles you’re willing to take. Luckily, going over the top is not necessary to set the scene and the simplest tricks are still, by far the best. A thoughtful selection of music to compliment your theme will immerse your guest in your restaurant vision.

Achieve a Sense of Control


Personal control, socially supportive relationships and restoration from stress and fatigue are all affected by properties of the built environment. The physical environment may influence mental health which is why decorating your home is good for your mental health.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 1 in 6 people suffer from mental health issues like anxiety and depression weekly. Furthermore, 1 in 5 Australians is reporting high or very high levels of psychological distress linked to the Covid 19 pandemic, with young people, women and those living with a disability being most affected.

Characteristics and qualities that distinguish a “home” from a mere “place of residence” are light, texture and pattern. Not only are they channels through which we can capture a healthy and mindful ambience but also reduce anxiety and depression.

Natural light is a proven mood improver that increases energy and morale. On the contrary, artificial lighting, including white fluorescent and incandescent deplete physical and emotional energy. Although there’s nothing better than a sun-drenched kitchen in the morning, we don’t all have that luxury hence we have to turn to artificial sources.

Textures, as an integral part of our everyday sensory experiences, can create lasting aesthetic experiences. These imprint on the brain, associating them with the positive emotions elicited in all similar textural and patterned interactions in the future. Specifically, dynamic textures are spatially repetitive, time-varying visual patterns that tend to repeat.

Dynamic textures are spatially repetitive and stimulate visual imagery which induces soothing emotion in the brain. Try a kitchen wallpaper that mimics water movement or natural plant patterns as they’re correlated to calm, content, and positive emotional states. Some of these repetitive and wave-like patterns can also be captured by using natural hard surfaces for tables and countertops like wood and granite. One more reason to replace those old kitchen cabinets.

A space can have a positive effect on mood when it’s arranged in such a way that fosters social interaction and is open and easy to maneuver through. Also, the presence of overall organization and tidiness is crucial. You can’t expect to have a peaceful meal and a clutter-free mind if your kitchen is all clutter.

When we seek retreat in our homes from the daily chaos of work and life, our minds and bodies yearn for a soothing and harmonious environment. Environments that have the aforementioned elements lower stress hormone levels, lower blood pressure, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and improve overall mood.

Boost Creativity & Productivity


We’ve been under lockdown for so long that you managed to go through both the binge-watching TV series phase and the exercise phase. Probably even loved it at first because you got a chance to read all those books that kept on piling up. But what about self-expression? Some may have a gift for painting, others learned crocheting during the pandemic. If that’s not your thing and you’re a bit more pragmatic by nature, why not start a project that’s both smart and creative?

Using your free time to develop your own project that will result in a practical product will give you an immense sense of satisfaction. Moreover, you’d be cooperating with a contractor, architect and/or interior designer will be rewarding and inspiring as you’ll get a chance to learn a lot about kitchen and home improvements if that’s what floats your boat.