Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring Is the Perfect Choice for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most dynamic space in every home. It is used on a daily basis and it is safe to say that it is the heart of the home. Besides being the spot where the entire family gathers to have a warm meal together, it is also the part of the home that experiences high traffic and frequent spills. For this very reason, you need comfortable, durable and hard-wearing flooring that will last for many years and won’t require much maintenance. Introducing, vinyl flooring kitchen.

Waterproof and Stain Resistant


For many years, ceramic and porcelain tiles were by default, the first choice for kitchen flooring. However, today, luxury vinyl planks and tiles have quickly replaced them because they have a unique set of advantages and are exceptionally good for spaces where easy cleaning is important.

One of the many advantages of vinyl flooring for kitchens is that it has a natural resistance to water and moisture. There are also other flooring types that are water-resistant, but after a certain amount of time, liquids may still soak through. That is why it’s important to invest in good quality flooring that has a water-resistant protective coating like vinyl flooring for kitchens. Besides being waterproof flooring, vinyl can withstand regular kitchen spills and stains.



This durable flooring material has become one of the most versatile materials used in home flooring nowadays. If you prefer a wooden look for your kitchen, you might consider purchasing vinyl flooring that comes with textures that mimic wood-grains and is a more budget-friendly and quick-to-install alternative to wooden floorboards.

Today, vinyl plank flooring can be manufactured to have the same look as hardwood and also the same texture, but unlike hardwood, you may not need to worry about expansion and contraction. Aside from planks, kitchen vinyl flooring can be also available as sheets and tiles. Vinyl tiles resemble the appearance of stone tiles, while vinyl sheets can work great for high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms.

When it comes to picking the right floor design for your kitchen, it is advisable to look for vinyl flooring kitchen online stores that offer a variety of colours and designs, so you can easily find the ideal solution for your space.


Looking for vinyl flooring kitchen

Besides being waterproof and attractive, kitchen flooring has to be safe as well. If by accident, someone drops a dish or a pot of spaghetti on the floor, it is important how the floor will respond to it. Since vinyl floors are long-lasting and can handle spills, they don’t crack, chip or break that easily. They are also non-slip floors, which makes their specific texture very safe to be used in kitchens.


The kitchen is a place that tends to get dirty very fast and that is why you need flooring that requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t require some special cleaning solutions. Kitchen vinyl flooring is easy to sweep, mop or vacuum which means it’s very hygienic. You can only use plain water to clean up the stains. If, however, the floor requires a more thorough cleaning, you can use a vacuum once a week, followed with a wet mop.

If there are tougher stains, you can always use a mixture of baking soda and water to make your floor shine. Just apply the paste-like mixture on the stain and buff it out with gently movements using a soft towel. If you don’t want to use commercial cleaners, you can mix vinegar with water and use this homemade cleanser to clean the leftover baking soda on the floor. Remember, if you clean your vinyl floor properly, you can make it last for many years to come.


Choosing a vinyl flooring for your kitchen will provide you with a high-quality floor that has a luxurious look and comes at a low cost. There are so many luxury vinyl floor options you can choose from, so you are sure to find something that will blend with your kitchen style. Vinyl flooring is also ideal for open plan designs. You can use the same flooring in your open kitchen and living room without sacrificing practicality.

As for the quality, if properly installed and maintained, vinyl floors can last more than 20 years. Besides being quite affordable, vinyl provides excellent traction for pets. So, if you have a pet at home, installing a kitchen vinyl flooring would be a great option because it’s almost 100% scratch proof and its thick top layer can withstand the damage from pet nails or urine.

Easy to Install


One of the great advantages of installing vinyl sheets in your kitchen is that they are very easy to install. That means that you won’t even have to pay extra for floor installation as you can do it yourself. Sheet vinyl flooring comes in one giant piece, so you will need to measure accurately your kitchen floor because you will cover the whole floor with that giant piece of sheet vinyl. However, before installing it, make sure that the surface underneath is perfectly clean because even the smallest pieces of debris may show through it.