Few Reasons Top Chefs Prefer Gas Cooktops

With new trends and innovative technology, the home appliance industry is changing dramatically. New trends are not only shaping appliances, but consumers as well.

For example, many surveys conducted over the past few years has showed that gas cooktops are the number one choice of professional chefs. When asked why they prefer cooking on gas cooktops over electric models, almost all chefs gave the same answer: Greater control over temperature; wider cookware choice; different cooking methods; simple and easy to clean; inexpensive maintenance.

Why cooking on gas cooktops


  • Greater control over temperature: The biggest advantage of cooking on gas cooktops is the facts that these appliances immediately respond when ignited. While electric burners take few minutes to reach certain temperature, with gas cooktops heat is immediate. Gas burners also cool faster, which is very important when cooking delicate dishes and sauces.
  • Wider cookware choice: While electric cooktops require special pans, with gas cooktops you can use pretty much any kind of cookware. That is because these models can deliver basically the same heat over the entire bottom surface of a pan. This means there are no certain limitations when it comes to cooking on gas cooktops and you can use almost any type of pan for cooking, regardless of the size, shape or material.
  • Different cooking methods: Gas cooktops allow chefs to get creative in a way they can’t with electric cooktops. For example, to make flambé dishes on electric cooktops, chefs need to take a match to the pan. Moreover, a gas burner is a great way of quickly roasting peppers wrapped in foil. Simply said, with a simple sauté pan and a gas burner, the possibilities are endless.
  • Simple to clean: If you cook on an electric cooktop, then you are probably familiar with the inconvenient messes. Moreover, with electric cooktops you have to use a special cleaning agent to scrub the burnt food spills on the flat surface while trying not to scratch the surface. On the other hand, with gas burners, all you need for cleaning is to remove the grate, wipe away crumbs, and use a multipurpose cleaning spray to remove cooked-on spills.
  • Inexpensive maintenance: Although gas cooktops may represent a higher initial investment, in a long term, the operating costs are lower.

For all these reasons and more, not only top chefs but also home cookers are choosing gas cooktops over electric ones. So if you too want the benefits that professional chefs enjoy when cooking with gas, review your options and consider making the switch.