How to Strengthen Your Nails

You probably already know what there is to know when it comes to strengthening your skin, but what about your nails? Nails get a lot of wear and tear since they are exposed to harsh agents when cleaning and doing the dishes. And not to mention the constant buffing and the use of chemicals and machines for removing tips. All of these things can certainly weaken your nails which is why you need to nourish them properly in order to keep them healthy and strong. Here are ways you can give your nails some much-needed TLC.


Prolonged use of gel nail polish, tips and even regular nail polish can seriously dehydrate your nails, leaving them dry, brittle and fragile. This, in fact, is the main reason why your nails split and break. The easiest way to hydrate and strengthen nails is with the use of nourishing and gentle nail products.

For instance, you can try using cuticle oil as it can provide deep hydration to your nails in no time. All you have to do is to apply it to the nail itself and massage it well, especially into the cuticle. Hydrating this area is paramount, as that is where the new and healthy nail grows. If you’re wondering ‘What is the best nail growth product?’, you should know that it’s any product that contains a plethora of nourishing vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential oils.

Besides specialised nail products, you can also use hydrating hand creams that can also positively affect the state of your nails. Jojoba, coconut, cocoa and shea butter are some of the many hand creams and hand oils that can help improve their look and texture.

Nail Moisturise

Give Them a Break

If you love having your nails always done, then you should probably give them a little break. Remove the current nail polish, gel or tips and give your nails a chance to grow healthier and stronger. When combined with the use of proper and hydrating nail products, your nails will repair and regain their amazing look in time.

If possible, try keeping your nails untreated for at least a month. In case you hate their bare look and colour, you can always opt for a nail strengthener in a clear, white or pearly colour.

Gently File Them

Choosing a softer nail file is essential in order to keep the edges of your nails smooth and shiny. This is fundamental as with rougher grains you risk making tears in the nails which can lead to splits, peelings and hangnails. The easiest and gentlest way to file your nails is by buffing them in one direction with long and swift strokes. This is essential as back and forth motions can cause the nail to splinter.

Gently Filed Nails

Use Only Nail Polish Removers Without Acetone

Although in the past most nail polish removers were made with acetone as the main ingredient, nowadays, this practice is abandoned as acetone can be harsh on nails, especially on weak nails. When used on weak nails, acetone can dry them out even more and can cause splitting and peeling. In some cases, white marks/spots can be spotted which is a sign of dehydration, damage and weakness. Instead of the regular acetone nail polish remover, you can use one that is based on essential oils or some other safer ingredients.

Nail Polish Removers

Eat Healthy

Besides your weight and fat, bad food choices can also affect the health of your nails. That is why it is essential for you to eat food that is high in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Veggies, fruit, eggs and nuts are the main types of food you should incorporate in your daily meal.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated on a daily level is not only good for your health but for the health of your nails as well. It’s said that without the needed moisture, your nails can become brittle, can break and peel easily. By drinking enough water on a daily basis, you will help your nails to retain their moisture and shine.

Woman drinking wather

Use Biotin Supplements

If the health of your nails is in disastrous condition or you simply cannot improve their look no matter what you do, taking biotin supplements are something that can guarantee great results. Since biotin is a water-soluble product, it’s not stored in the body and consuming it on a daily basis is essential. Generally speaking, adults should get around micrograms of biotin on a daily basis, so you should take about 3,000 micrograms on a daily basis for about six months or according to your doctor’s recommendations. In case there is no improvement after taking biotin, then you should stop using it and try something else.