Reasons Why You Need Optimum Performance-Based Design of Motorbike Handlebar Controls

To handle and steer your bike with ease you need to make sure you’re using the proper motorbike controls. Motorcycle handlebar controls can be found in different designs, so you can find a set that matches your style and offer optimum performance at the same time. Here is what you need to know before buying your new handlebars.

Motorbike Controls

Why Choosing the Right Motorcycle Handlebars is Important?

Handlebars are a great way to add personality to your motorcycle, but for everyday use, it’s important to clean your motorcycle parts and more importantly, choose a style that’s comfortable. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, so you’ll need to know what set of bars will work for your application.

To begin with, you need to know the diameter of the existing handlebars. Most Sports bikes have 22mm bars, while Harley-Davidsons/Japanese Cruisers have 25mm handlebars. Keep in mind that if you dramatically change the height or width of your handlebars, you may need to buy longer control cables (idle, clutch, throttle and brake), which will usually cost more than the handlebars themselves.

If you don’t know the diameter of your bars, you can measure the circumference (around the outside) with a soft tape measure in millimetres. If it’s around 79mm, then you have 25mm bars, but if it’s around 69mm, then your bars are 22mm.

Once you figure out the handlebar size you need, check the spacing on your risers and you’re ready to choose the look and style of your motorbike controls. Even though handlebars might seem like they only impact the look of a motorcycle, they have a significant impact on how a rider positions their body on the bike as well. There are many different handlebars to choose from and here are some of the general styles you may find.

Drag Style

Drag bars are a type of straight handlebars that come with an aerodynamic design. This ensures that the rider can enjoy better speed. They are completely level and have no rise. Drag-style handlebars come in a range of widths with limited pullback.


T-bars fit directly into the triple trees (yokes) unlike other handlebars which have a separate riser clamp securing the bars.

cruiser or dresser motorcycle


Cruiser or Dresser

As the name suggests, these are made for comfortable long rides, offering a high degree of pullback.

Ape Hangers

The ape hanger is the classic chopper look and this type isn’t about handling or comfort as much as it’s about looks and the vibe it creates. You can find different riffs of this theme, known as mini apes or buckhorns. They both have a shorter rise and the buckhorns have grips that are angled downward.

Flyer or Beach Bars

Beach handlebars have many things in common with ape hangers, but there is one main difference between the two – beach handlebars come with no rise or very little rise height. Instead of going up, it’s curved towards the rider.


Clip-on handlebars are one of the most common handlebars you’ll see on racer bikes. As the name implies, you can adjust the width to suit your ride, and their placement allows you to lean forward into the wind to increase speed. Clip-on handlebars are generally attached to the front forks of the motorcycles, below or above the triple tree. If you mount them straight on the triple tree, they’ll be non-adjustable.

One of the greatest advantages of clip-on handlebars is that they come in two parts, allowing you to adjust the handlebars from close to far, depending on the requirements. They are great for racing, but not for longer rides.


This is a versatile and popular motorcycle handlebar style that gets its name from the sharp angles between the mounting points and the end of the handlebars. Z-bars have a relatively low-profile design that invites a comfortable riding position and are great for riders who like a versatile and easy-to-handle style that works on most motorcycle types.

handlebar grip


The Importance of Good Handlebar Grips

Balance and steering are two main aspects of riding a motorcycle. However, many riders ignore the role handlebar grips play in this. Grips can provide you with better stability and control when steering and balancing on your bike. So, it may be time to check your handlebar grips and consider replacing them.

Old or damaged grips may affect the way you ride, without you even realising it. Grips attached to the handlebar allow riders to better steer and control the motorcycle. Having a bad grip is uncomfortable and dangerous. If you lose grip or don’t feel comfortable, it may lead to an accident in all aspects of riding, from road riding to dirt bike racing. If you find your grip slipping or frequently get hand cramps when riding your motorcycle, it’s worth considering new handlebar grips.


When selecting motorcycle grips, it’s important to remember that functionality matters more than style. Due to grips being integral to the steering, balance and control of your motorcycle, having grips that meet your performance needs is crucial.


You need to make sure you find grips that can fit on your bike. Different grips will lend themselves better depending on the type of bike you have or what you use it for, whether it’s dirt bike racing or day-to-day use.