Facial Mists and Reasons to Integrate Them In Your Skincare Routine

Bringing emollients into your routine can change your whole dynamic and outlook on skincare, especially during the winter months. In the midst of constant weather changes, hydrating the skin is crucial for luminous results, and face mists help get rid of the dull-looking complexion and add to radiant-looking, plump and healthy skin.

Mist vs. Setting Spray?

But first of all, let’s get something out of the way. Oftentimes facial mists are confused with setting sprays, but there is a huge difference between the two, so let me explain this. Face mists are considered refreshing products that help boost the hydration levels of the skin, and setting sprays are simply used as finishing products that help to keep your makeup in place. Setting sprays can feel sticky and aren’t recommended to be used on makeup-free skin, whereas facial mists can be used both on bare skin and skin that has makeup on.

Reasons to Use a Mist

putting face mist od the face
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In addition to replenishing the moisture of the skin, there are many other reasons why you should purchase a hydrating facial mist for everyday use.

Boost the Effects of Your Moisturiser

Most moisturisers are water-soluble and activate their ingredients in combination with water. Since face mists are considered emollients, applying one before layering your moisturiser can ensure better results!

Get a Natural Look

As I’ve mentioned, facial mists can also be used with makeup. Before makeup application, you can dampen the skin with a sprinkle of mist to ensure a natural and flawless finish. That way, the foundation will blend lightly and last longer, feeling fresh and hydrated and preventing the common and unwanted cakey effect.

Another great use of the mist is to refresh your evening look for special events. It’s effortless and you don’t need to constantly run to the bathroom to fix everything.

After You Wake Up and Right Before Bed

A therapeutic mist is always a good idea to use before going to bed, it will provide a calm feeling and instant relaxation. Learn to use the mist once you get out of bed to speed up the waking process and get going, give yourself that healthy boost in the morning for a youthful complexion!

Choosing a Suitable Face Mist

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There are several types of facial mists based on their chemical formulation, since skincare brands focus on creating products suitable different skin types and conditions.

Ingredients for All Skin Types

If your skin is unproblematic and only in need of some effortless hydration, you can try water + plant extract mists with such ingredients as green tea, aloe vera, rose water, and trehalose. This category of face mists is plant-powered and provides a calming and soothing effect, easily suitable for all types of skin.

For extra antioxidative power, search for mists that also contain vitamins, like vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and propolis extracts.

Dry Skin Formulas

No matter the season, if you have dry skin, many factors can aggravate it and make it dehydrated and flaky, so face mists can really come in handy. But not just any mist.

Try embracing humectant mists in your routine, like water + oil formulas that contain a plethora of water-based ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, sodium, and oil-based ingredients like avocado oil, jojoba oil, and/or olive oil. They lock in the moisture and give the skin that healthy glass look.

Hyaluronic acid is perhaps the best humectant agent and helps draw water in. In order for it to attract water from the air and not from inside your skin, hyaluronic acid should be combined with water, such as when it’s present in a water-based facial mist.

Glycerin is known as a replenisher of the skin barrier that is overdried from the use of the harsh toners and exfoliators.

Tip: avoid using products that contain alcohol and citrus oils, since they cause extreme dryness once they evaporate.

Agents for Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

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If you’re suffering from excess oil production and acne, use mists with water + acid solution formulas with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid), BHA (beta hydroxy acid), or thermal waters. Most BHA and AHA acids primarily fight acne as chemical exfoliants, meaning they dissolve the top layer of the skin that is responsible for causing clogged pores and acne.

AHA acids are largely derived from plants and fruits and are considered as water solubles that help to even out the skin tone, and reduce hyperpigmentation. Some AHA acids found in face mist sprays are glycolic acid derived from sugar cane, lactic acid from milk, mandelic acid from bitter almonds, tartaric acid extracted from grapes and bananas, malic acid from apples and pears, and citric acid from citrus plants.

BHA acids are considered lipid solubles that break down in contact with oil. BHAs penetrate the skin even deeper than AHAs. Some examples are: salicylic acid made from the willow bark tree, and depending on the formula, some types of citric acid.

Thermal waters are mineral-rich sources and are one of nature’s best-kept secrets. With their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects, thermal waters relieve skin conditions like rosacea and neutralise free radicals.

Take into account that every acne-prone skin isn’t oily, and these agents may not be suitable for you.

Application: How to Use Mists Accordingly

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The application method is as important as picking the right mist for your skin. Despite seeming simple, it’s easy to go wrong when spraying, and no one wants a waste of product.

The right way to use a face mist is by positioning the bottle far enough, so one pump of spray can cover the whole face and be evenly distributed for the best result. When using nitrogen mists, don’t shake the bottle, since nitrogen can block the product from coming out.

Tip: keep the facial mist in the fridge to further provide that calming, soothing, and cooling effect for your face.

DIY If Nothing Else Works

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Many skincare brands offer a generous amount of facial spray moisturisers, but if you can’t get your hands on a mist that works for you, you can try making one.

Get creative and make an exceptional hydrating formula customised for your needs. Choose ingredients that are soothing, anti-inflammatory, and natural-formulated like for instance:

  • Herbal hydrosols such as lavender oil for providing relaxation and therapeutic effect.
  • Witch hazel and chamomile for cleansing the skin and reducing inflammation.
  • Rosewater – known as an astringents, it helps tighten up the pores.

All things considered, facial mists may not be the ultimate skincare essential, but best believe that your face will benefit from all the extra love these mists provide.