Reasons Why You Need Electric Heated Towel Rails in Your Bathroom

Bathroom heated towel rails were invented in the 1980s as a luxury product used in the most elite hotels, but as the popularity of different radiators began to increase, people started using them in their homes as well. Nowadays, heated towel rails are adored by people from all over the globe thanks to their convenience and various benefits.

Warm Up Your Towels

Starting from their main purpose, there isn’t a better feeling than wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel after getting a long and relaxing shower. So don’t hesitate to choose from the great range of electric heated towel rails to keep your towels warm and soft. Not only your relaxing shower or bubble bath won’t be ruined by getting chills upon stepping out of your bathtub, but you’ll also get that relaxing spa-like feeling in the comfort of your home.

towel on electric heated towel rail

You Get More Drying Space

We all hate it when we get a clean towel to wrap ourselves in after shower only to find out it is still damp and it smells funny because it didn’t dry on time. With heated towel rails, however, you won’t ever have to worry about this as after using a towel, you can simply hang it there to dry before using it one more time.

What’s more, storing your towels can take up much of your valuable bathroom space, especially if you have a small bath. Hanging them on your shower won’t cut it either as it can make your space look cluttered and untidy. Luckily, electric heated towel rails can put an end to this problem since they’re designed to store your towels neatly while keeping them dry and warm, ready for their next use.

Also, some households may not have a drier due to the lack of space or for the sake of saving money on electricity. If this is your case too, you’re probably familiar that an indoor clothes hanger won’t always do the job, and the huge loads of laundry will immediately fill up the available space on your radiators. These convenient heated rails won’t take much of your valuable bathroom space, and they’re also great when you need that extra space for drying clothes.

electric heated towel rail

Warm Up Your Bathroom

Almost 99% of the bathrooms are designed in a way not to have too many windows to protect the user’s privacy. This means that each of them barely sees any sunshine, making them the coldest area of your home. By having a heated towel bar, you can kill two birds with one stone and keep both your towels and your bathroom warm at the same time.

Heated Towel Rails Are Hygienic

While the purpose of an electric towel warmer is to keep towels warm, they have also proven to be the most hygienic solution for bathrooms. Since bathrooms are known as the most humid area in a home, imagine the number of germs and mould your wet towels will breed once you hang them in the most random place of your bathroom. This won’t be an issue with a convenient heated towel rail system, since it will “suck out” the moisture from your wet towels, making it a warm and more hygienic space.

towels hanging on rail

They’re Energy Efficient

If these electric heated towel rail systems seem like an unnecessary energy waste to you, know that you’re wrong. It’s exactly the opposite since they’re multipurpose. Unlike the different bathroom heating systems such as ducted heaters, radiators, or the worst case of putting your towels into an energy-hungry 1800w laundry drier, the bathroom heated towel rails will use a maximum of 120w of energy. This means lower energy bills and water bills as you won’t have to wash your towels after each use. The most modern versions of these heaters also have a timer included, which you can use to set a running time to fit your needs and save up.

What’s more, these heating units do not rely on liquid heating systems like many radiators do, and use dry heating elements instead. This makes them even more energy-efficient since once you place your towel or any piece of clothing, the heat will stay trapped causing the temperature to rise up to 50°C instead of losing it to the surrounding area.

They Work as Ultra-Stylish Elements

stylish bathroom with heating rail

Heated towel rails can add a stylish touch to every bathroom design since they come in a huge range of shapes, designs and sizes. And even though nowadays most of them look modern and sleek, you won’t struggle to find a good fit for your bathroom- starting from the lavish chrome effects or polished stainless steel finishes to the more sophisticated brushed nickel or contemporary satin and matte black ones.

When it comes to the rails of these heating systems, they come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose a setup ranging from less than 5 to up to 10 rails which can be rounded, square or flat- up to your needs and preferences. Also, heated rails can be bought as vertical tubes separately, so you can install them on your own according to your bathroom space and your aesthetic preferences.

Towel rails are no longer a luxury, but one of the most essential bathroom elements for every household. So, don’t hesitate to get one and embrace all the benefits it offers. Your bathroom and your electricity bills will be thankful too.