Reasons to Install Dog Steps: Making Life Easier for Your Furry Friend

Just like humans, dogs come to an age when they start developing health issues for one reason or another. They struggle the same way as we do, so it is our obligation to try and help them as much as we can. While the type of dog bed you choose can certainly aid your furry pal, there is something else that you can do in order to help him.

You can also get elevated bowls that can help your canine eat without straining and invest in pet steps for dogs designed to facilitate their moving around the house. Both of these dog essentials are great for senior dogs, dogs with mobility issues or arthritis. But the thing about dog stairs is that they are also great for small dogs regardless of their breed or age.

dog stairs

Reasons to Install Dog Stairs

While household indoor stairs are a great way to move throughout the house, some dogs don’t have the agility and balance to use them. That is why pet steps are so popular among dog owners. Besides being easy to use, pet steps for dogs are portable and easy to care for, extremely appealing and space-saving as well. Their inline is very gentle, causing no pressure and stress to your dog’s joints, ligaments, muscles and hips.

Considering the fact that they are portable and easy to store without taking up too much space, this allows you to use them in different places other than just your home. For instance, you can use them to help your dog climb up into your vehicle or into any place you want. Taking up less space than ramps, pet stairs are essential if you have an older dog or one with some health issues. But, before making any decision and buy the first type of steps you come across, you should take into account some important things.

How to Choose the Right Type of Dog Stairs

When looking for the right dog step, the first thing you need to consider is the height of each step. According to manufacturers and veterinarians, the height of each step should be similar to the rise of regular indoor and outdoor steps.

The depth of the steps is also important. For dogs, it is easier to use deeper steps, which is why you should look for ones with a step depth of 25 – 30cm. Avoid smooth and slippery surfaces. Instead, choose steps with an anti-skid surface, so your dog can have a better grip. Also, make sure the stairs you choose are sturdy enough to withstand the wear of daily use while also supporting your dog’s weight.

How to Help Your Dog Up the Stairs

Make Him Feel Comfortable

Whether he is old or just afraid of this new piece of equipment, helping your dog climb up the stairs might take some time. For instance, you can use small treats while also praising him and encouraging him. This can certainly help your dog feel more comfortable and secure while using the stairs. One thing is certain, have patience, and, if needed, help your dog out in case he needs support. Making sure your fluffy friend feels secure and in control of the situation is paramount.

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Use a Mobility Aid

In case your dog still feels insecure and seeks your help and support as he climbs the stairs, you can get a mobility aid like a lifting aid harness, walking harness or a mobility sling. That way, you will give him extra support without lifting your dog with your own hands. If in doubt and don’t know which type of mobility aid to choose, you can always ask a physiotherapist for a recommendation.

Move His Bed to the First Floor

In case none of the aforementioned methods helps, you can move his bed or even his food to the first floor. That way, your dog will feel motivated and slowly but surely will succeed to climb up the stairs.

Improve His Mobility

Take your dog to a thorough medical exam and take him to physiotherapy treatments. This is a great way to work on his issues while improving his mobility.

How to Help a Blind Dog with Stairs?

While it might sound strange to you, but teaching a blind dog to climb stairs is not that difficult as you might think. With caution and patience above all, you can teach your furry friend to use the stairs without a problem.

Where to Buy Dog Stairs?

Helping your dog get where he wants to be is easy with the right type of stairs for his weight. The easiest way to find them is to turn to a specialized dog supplies store. Offering a large selection of dog stairs ranging in size, material and price, you can easily find the one that can meet both your budget and your dog’s needs.