Getting Into Scootering: Reasons to Choose Apex Pro Scooters

Skate parks came to be pretty popular places back in the 1980s and 1990s, as they were the spots where people of all generations gathered to see the cool kids do their amazing tricks with their skateboards and scooters. Even though it seems like the cool culture of these once-famous areas somewhat diminished, the fact is the sports are far from gone.

Think about it, nowadays more people are coming to appreciate the essence of scooters for the convenient and eco-friendly travel they offer, regardless of whether you need them for commuting or fun as you try to avoid the traffic jams. To get started, it’s easy to get into the sport by getting a complete basic scooter that can take you from point A to point B.

best apex pro scooter

However, if you plan on taking the hobby seriously and would like to experience more of what it has to offer, including the backflips and tailwhips, then you should give custom scooters a try. Lucky for you, there are many brands you can choose from, including top-notch Australian made Apex Pro Scooters.

Such an option allows you to truly get the best of the scooter riding experience, as you customise both the look and feel – a decision that’s useful for boosting the overall performance of a scooter. It doesn’t take long to see how this would be beneficial for you in the long run, even if you’re relatively new to the sport for the time being.

What Are the Reasons in Favour of Apex?

Local Quality

Simply put, you get locally designed scooter parts manufactured in their top-class factory on the Australian Gold Coast. This is all you need to know if you’re up for getting the most unique machine of quality while also supporting local manufacturers and brands.

Outstanding Designs

outstanding design for apex pro scooters

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner rider, an intermediate one, or on your path to progressing and becoming a pro rider – this brand has everything you’re looking for in a scooter. Apart from amazing with their sleek designs, the dream team behind Apex Pro Scooters focus on choosing top-notch materials like aircraft-grade aluminium and steel for their parts to give you an extra-strong end-product that’s also lightweight; yes, even more than other models from competitor professional brands.

Translation: they create state-of-the-art Apex scooter products, exactly what you need in reliable equipment that’s easy to control and would serve you for years as you conquer the parks and streets. Of course, this high-end construction wouldn’t be possible without the implementation of advanced techniques and innovations, in the likes of multi-axis CNC machining for extra precision when creating each and every component.

Versatility is also what you can expect to get when you choose them, having in mind they’re available in a wide range of colours and graphics. To make for paint protection, they make sure they’re all powder-coated. Not to mention, they enable you to interchange parts between brands as well which is perfect should you like to further experiment customising the scooters for your specific rides and tricks.

Moreover, out of the array of parts, when you take their tough and stylish decks into consideration, that differ in lengths and widths, and are notable for the flat sides for finger whips and rails for grinding stability, you come to realise there’s more to this versatility. In case you want to get something more to your personality, you even have the chance to get your custom Apex deck, choosing your own colours, splash accents and etching.

Put to the Test by the Pros

jesse bayes

They don’t only leave it to the outstanding materials to ensure their products are of quality. Another reason why this brand is among the best has to do with the fact many scooter pros are into testing out their designs at competitions.

In other words, what you get is truly put through the maximum of wear and tear, and truly stands the test of time. Besides having a blast with Apex scooters, they pour in their professional insight into the design, which has significantly helped improve the decks, bars, extensions, forks, wheels, headsets and brakes over the years.

Some of the names of pros, that also make part of the Apex team, include Aussie champions Jesse Bayes, Jai Thomas, and Spencer Chermside who won in 2013-2015, and first and second place in 2017 respectively. From the international scene, you’ve got Dante Hutchinson who was the ISA world champion in 2017.

Attractive Prices

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It shouldn’t come as surprise retailers specialising in Apex Pro Scooters say they’re among their most sought-after options. Along with providing you with advanced-level parts, that amaze with their sleek design and exceptional quality, the great news is you won’t have to spend a fortune to get your custom-built pro scooter.

All this thanks to them taking it as their mission to provide affordable prices. There’s even something in it for those who are into more of the scootering culture, and want to show it off with their wardrobe with cool Apex clothing and accessories.