Kappa: Premium Italian Brand for Sportswear

Kappa is an Italian brand that designs high-quality sportswear. Many big and popular names from the sports world have been seen proudly wearing Kappa pieces on varuos occassions. And now, you can be part of this group too. 

The History of Kappa

Kappa wasn’t always what it is today. It started small, as a company that was selling socks and underwear in the Italian city, Turin. Kappa wasn’t even its initial name. After having problems that caused a loss in sales, the company released new products that were meant to fix the damage and these new products were marked with the letter K. The letter K comes from the German word “kontrollen” which means control. After that, the sales went up and the Kappa brand officially got its name in 1967. Kappa is the Greek letter for the letter K.

At the beginning, Kappa was a brand that created casual clothing, but then they started working on creating a new style of clothes – sportswear. And we’re all witnesses of how that turned out.   

The recognizable “Omini” logo of Kappa was also created coincidentally. The inspiration behind the silhouette logo is a picture for a campaign that features a man and a woman sitting on the ground leaned against each other. There is actually a bigger meaning behind it. The logo represents style, quality and authenticity but also equality of men and women.

Kappa’s Range of Products

Today, the Kappa brand offers a wide range of products able to satisfy every taste, suitable both for adults and kids. Kappa uses only the best fabrics that offer high-level protection from UV rays, stains and moisture. Kappa products are also anti-microbial.  

Kappa Shorts

kappa sportswear shorts
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Kappa short pants are made from 100% polyester fabric and have hydrophilic and moisture-wicking properties. This means they absorb moisture well and keep your body dry – perfect for people who are overly active and enjoy playing sports. The fabric is engineered to draw heat away from the skin and keep the body cool and dry no matter the circumstances. This is thanks to the hydro-way protection and quick dry features.

Thir shorts are designed to offer maximum breathability and allow air to pass through easily so that when the person wearing them is sweating, the perspiration can evaporate fast, leaving the skin completely dry. This is one of the things that make Kappa sportswear distinct and better than any other brand.

Their whole design is made with comfort in mind. Kappa sports shorts feature side panel construction for improved fit along with an internal drawcord for better appearance. The signature Kappa trademark Omini logo is printed on both sides of the Kappa shorts along with a minimalistic embroidery of the Kappa design on the front left leg.

You can also choose Kappa shorts made from poly elastane stretch woven fabric. These models also have an elastane gusset for additional comfort along with two zip pockets and the Kappa signature Omini trademark logo printed on the right leg instead on the left one.

Kappa sports shorts come in sizes XS to 3XL allowing you to choose the right fit for you and enjoy in their comfort. They also come in a plethora of colours you can choose from, ranging from plain black and white to shades of blue, green, red and yellow.

Kappa sports shorts are suitable to wear while playing different types of sports (football, basketball, volleyball, golf etc), but you can also create casual outfits with them and go for a walk or ride a bike.

Kappa Jackets and Bags

Kappa jackets have the same features as the shorts. They offer utmost comfort and keep you dry and sweat-free the whole time. The Kappa jackets made from 100% nylon fabric are waterproof and perfect for wet weather training. They all feature two zip pockets and embroidered Kappa Omini trademark logo design on the chest.

When it comes to bags, you can choose between the gym bag, tote bag, medium trolley bag and duffle bag. They are made from 100% polyester. They all have plenty of compartments and zip pockets in order for you to keep everything organized and of course, the Kappa Omini logo printed on them.   

kappa sportswear jacket
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Kappa Socks and Footballs

Kappa socks vary from regular socks to socks intended to wear on match day. The material and the design offer proper support and are super comfortable and pleasant to wear. You can find both knee-high and ankle-high socks in a wide range of colours.  

Kappa also creates footballs that are available in three sizes and feature a 32-panel hand stitching along with the Kappa logo and graphics.

The Kappa Brand in Sports

Kappa is the sponsor of more than 100 renowned soccer teams as well as federations around the world. Many players worldwide proudly wear Kappa clothes. The popular Omini logo has also been featured on the fencing, canoeing and martial arts outfits of Italian athletes at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Kappa has also signed deals to be the official sponsor of the Rugby League World Cup and the Mad Lions teams in Europe, as well as Real Betis Balompie, AS Monaco and Napoli football teams and many other French rugby teams.

kappa sportswear
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Kappa Is Now Available Worldwide

The Kappa brand items can be found in countless stores around the world and ordered online at the official Kappa sites, which gives you even more reasons to shop online. This makes the Kappa products available to everyone 24/7 at a reasonable price. What started as small retail became a big chain of stores that offer products made with care and made to last. Today Kappa is considered to be part of the leading brands that make sportswear and lifestyle apparel that’s colourful, flexible and original.