Reasons Why Metal Motorcycle Lights Should Be Your Primary Choice

Of all the methods of transportation, riding a motorcycle is one of the most satisfying ones. It gives off a sense of freedom and control that no other vehicle really can, especially in a country as scenic as ours it’s a special kind of pleasure. Still, as amazing as they are, motorcycles require a bit more effort in the safety department. When you’re in a car, you’re protected by the metal box that’s around you. On a motorcycle, there is no such protection, so additional steps are taken to make sure you’re ready for the road.

From exhaust systems to lights, everything plays a part in how your journey is going to go and what your ride is going to look like. Most importantly, they all have a say in your safety on the road. When on the subject of safety, there is one item that is considered the holy grail and should never be a subject of compromise, especially if your driving is mostly done after the sun has set – lights.

Having quality-made, sturdy, and highly functional lights for your bike means that you’ll have optimal visibility of the road and you’ll also be visible to other drivers, which as a biker you probably know can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. If you want to buy motorcycle lights for your bike, keep on reading because I’m going to go through some of the specifics of bike lights and why some are better than others.

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Material: It’s What’s On The Outside That Counts

Most motorcycle lights are now LED, which is wonderful as LEDs are truly the most effective and durable lights out there. However, what casing they’re settled in is something you really need to pay attention to. The material your light is made from is extremely important. Having a light, no matter where it will be positioned, that’s made of cheap, easily breakable material is a definitive no-go.

What you need to look for is a material that will keep everything in place, allow the lights to function as intended, and will also last for a long time, nullifying the need to replace the unit often. It’s important to note that when you’re looking to buy motorcycle lights you understand that there is a primary material and then additional ones. What I’m talking about in this article is the primary material and my vote goes to metal. There are a few different types of metals that can comprise your motorcycle lights, and each has its own intricacies and pros.

aluminium motorcycle lights



In 1825 aluminium was refined from ore for the first time, and ever since, this metal has steadily taken over industries and is now one of the main metals used in the production of many items. When it was first refined it was so rare it was considered more valuable than silver and gold. Its strength and sturdiness, accompanied by an unusually lightweight composition make it perfect for items that need to be durable, but not add unnecessary weight. Because of this, I’ve chosen aluminium as the first metal on the list of best metals for motorcycle lights. Mind you, this isn’t a numbered list and every metal that will be talked about is just as good, but these two properties of aluminium are too good to ignore

In terms of motorcycle lights, when aluminium is the primary material, it provides a great casing that is bound to keep everything in place and prevent damage. Aluminium is also easy to work with, which makes it perfect for smaller lights and lights that are intended to be a certain shape or form. Furthermore, aluminium is basically resistant to both rust and corrosion, which is an amazing aspect for anything that is going to be exposed to the elements for long time periods, like motorcycle lights! As they tend to be small, it may be difficult to protect them or clean off any developed damage, but with aluminium lights, you don’t have to worry about it at all!

You can find aluminium headlights in various shapes and models, aluminium tail lights, bolt lights for your license plate (which is something you should consider buying if you don’t have it, as it provides further visibility), brake lights, and more.

steel motorcycle lights



With a history much longer than aluminium, steel has been used since around 1800 BC. Firstly used for the production of weapons, it had a pretty complicated process of extracting. However, in 1856, an inexpensive method of producing steel was invented and that’s when the game changed. Now we can find steel in many items, both as a primary and additional material.

In terms of motorcycle lights, steel provides similar benefits as aluminium, though it isn’t as lightweight. Steels composition being the way it is prevents it from being as light as aluminium, but this aspect adds hardness. While aluminium is sturdy and durable, steel is still better in this department. Because of how hard it is, it is very hard to dent or crack it once it’s in its final form. For motorcycle lights, this is a very important feature.

Furthermore, as steel is a bit more common and somewhat easier to manufacture, it’s also cheaper than aluminium. This means that your steel lights will provide you with that sturdiness for a lesser price than aluminium lights would, but with added weight. However, if you’re looking for lights that can add luminosity as well as an interesting style to your bike, you might want to go back to aluminium, as steel is a bit harder to bend into unusual shapes.

You can find steel taillights, headlights, brake lights, and more, and you can also purchase headlight visors made of steel that will give your main light extra protection and uninterrupted visibility.

alloy motorcycle lights



Finally, we have alloy. Alloy is basically a mix of two metals – an admixture that combines the two, making a new sort of metal that can have the strengths of both of its composing materials and provide a higher level of performance.

When talking about motorcycle lighting you can find alloy versions for every part of your bike. From headlights and rear lights to indicators and stoplights. They can also be very interesting in shape and looks, so they are worth looking into as you may find something lights made of a single metal just can’t provide.

Still, whenever you’re looking into alloy lights make sure to check the properties, as sometimes a single main material might be best for a specific type of light! Knowing the option exists and being able to research it and figure out if it’s the best one or not adds to the liberty of owning and riding a motorcycle – the very foundation of this method of transportation!

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, I’d just like to say that you should always look for trusted vendors and stockists of quality brands. You don’t want to end up with lights that aren’t functioning properly and jeopardise your safety and comfort on the road. Whichever metal you choose to go for, by following this rule, I’m sure you won’t have any issues. Pay attention to the brand, make sure to check everything out before purchasing, and be careful when installing. Other than that, I wish you all the sunny days and friendly winds on your journeys!