Reasons to Get an Aftermarket Exhaust System for Your Bike

A lot of bikers don’t think they’ll be looking to replace their bike’s exhaust system when they buy their first bike. And why would they? The exhaust their bike came with performs and looks just fine. However, many of them will quickly find out from fellow more experienced biker friends or online forums that stock exhausts are keeping hostage a lot of horsepower, and that there are much better-looking exhaust systems available for their bike.

It comes as a surprise to many people that stock exhaust systems aren’t built with performance in mind, even though they have a sports bike. Stock exhaust systems aren’t built with performance in mind due to the fact that the manufacturer usually has to meet a budget, which prevents them from creating the best pipes possible, and using materials of lesser quality than those that aftermarket performance exhaust manufacturers use. Generally, aftermarket motorcycle exhaust Australia manufacturers use stainless or aluminised steel, while stock exhausts are usually made of mild steel.

Motorcycle Exhaust

Moreover, stock exhaust systems oftentimes use a simpler, easier-to-manufacture design instead of the best design performance wise. They’re limited in what they can do, due to having a wide base of customers who are doing different things for their bikes, most of which don’t look to unleash the extra power that the bike’s engine has. Additionally, there are many emissions regulations that they have to pass before they can put the bike on the market. Speaking of emissions, aftermarket exhaust systems typically utilise larger diameter pipes, meaning exhaust gases flow in and out of the engine more freely, thus improving your bike’s fuel economy.

Furthermore, depending on the type of bike and exhaust you have, you can completely change how your bike sounds. Your bike can go from sounding like a broken sewing machine to a raging, fire-breathing beast. While this doesn’t concern most people, almost every rider who has an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust Australia wide will tell you that the aftermarket exhaust adds an extra layer of pleasure when riding.

That being said, aftermarket motorcycle exhaust Australia manufacturers offer two basic types of exhausts – slip-on/bolt-on muffler exhausts and full-on exhaust systems. The first type replaces the muffler and keeps the headpipes, while the full system replaces everything. The bolt-on/slip-on aftermarket exhaust doesn’t boost performance as much as a full exhaust system, but they’re the more affordable option which is also easier to install. That being said, a full aftermarket exhaust system replacement requires fuel management changes to work properly, which usually entails a fuel controller for a fuel-injected bike or a jet kit for a carbureted bike.