Reasons Bamboo Bedding Is the Best Choice for Babies

The instant they find out they’re expecting a baby, many parents become obsessed with assembling the perfect nursery to welcome the little one into this world. From picking the right colour for the walls to finding the best cot – so many dilemmas preoccupy a parent’s mind that it becomes easy to forget about one very important thing – the bedding.

While your baby won’t notice what colour of the walls is for the first couple of years, he/she will surely notice the quality of the bedding. Or more precisely put, the baby’s skin will do the noticing. As you already know, babies’ skin is incredibly delicate and susceptible to irritations. For that reason, it’s important that the thing babies’ skin comes in most frequent contact with – the bedding – is made out of healthy, organic fibres such as bamboo. Here are some reasons why bamboo is such a great choice for baby bedding.


Free of Chemicals

Did you know that synthetic fabrics are heavily treated with chemicals to get that soft feel? While synthetic fabrics might not be harmful to an adult person, for a baby with delicate skin they can easily cause irritating rashes, allergies or eczema. On the other hand, bamboo has a unique fibre structure that makes it naturally soft without needing to be treated with chemicals. What’s more, this natural fibre is also harvested without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. So, if you’re looking for gentle and chemical-free baby blankets bamboo is the best choice out there.

Naturally Anti-bacterial

The bamboo plant doesn’t need to be treated with pesticides as it contains a natural protective agent, called bamboo kun. This agent remains preserved even when bamboo is processed into fibres. The result is a fabric which is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. For this reason, opting for bamboo baby bedding and clothes is a great way to keep germs, dust mites, and other nasties away from your little one.

Great Thermo-Regulating Properties

Bamboo fabrics are known for their amazing thermo-regulating properties. And considering how babies have low body fat for the first couple of months, they aren’t able to properly regulate their body temperature. With that being said, besides keeping the nursery at an optimal temperature, bedding with thermo-regulating properties can also ensure your baby stays toasty warm and comfortable. So, when purchasing cot sheets and baby blankets bamboo is the material to keep an eye for.


Babies are babies, so it’s only normal that they’ll get wet from time to time. But even if you’re the most watchful parent, you can’t exactly notice every time they become wet. The fact that bamboo can absorb moisture 3-4 times faster than cotton, makes it a great choice for keeping your baby dry and odour free just long enough until you notice it’s time for a change.