Elevated Bowls: Health Reasons Why Your Dog Needs One

Dogs are more than just pets and a way to pass your time – they become family members, and as such, it is important that you think about their feeding habits which involve bowls for food and water, of course. But, there is more to it. Elevated bowls are here to offer numerous benefits that can improve your dog’s health and quality of life. Here is how.


I. Medical Conditions


Megaesophagus is a health condition where the esophagus gets enlarged, and as a result, food and water can’t be properly pushed down into the stomach of the animal. This can cause your dog to start to regurgitate its food. In these instances, the food can remain in the throat where it decays or gets into the lungs. With elevated dog bowls your pooch will eat from a more upright position that will provide a much smoother and less risky feeding experience.


Most often, bloating occurs as a result of increased air intake into the stomach while eating. Elevated bowls are helpful for this issue as well. Your dog will start to eat at a much slower pace while maintaining a more comfortable position. Be that as it may, you should consult your veterinarian whether an elevated bowl can really help, and make sure that you treat your beloved animal right.

II. Health and Physical Benefits

Correct Posture

If your dog is larger, and you give it food from a bowl placed on the ground, it will surely lower itself to an uncomfortable position or even lay down in order to reach the bowl and eat. Avoid this situation and instead, opt for elevated dog bowls raised to a height appropriate for your pet, and in time, by eating in a correct and healthy position, your dog will improve its posture and avoid various medical conditions as a result.

Reduced Strain

The biggest health risk caused by low bowls is the strain your dog can get on its neck, hips, shoulders and joints. Once they finish chewing or drinking water they instinctively raise their head which helps them swallow better. This repetitive motion can be avoided by simply using an elevated option, instead of ground. Plus, by bringing your dog’s bowl up, you will avoid straining your own back – you won’t have to bend as much in order to pour water or food in the bowl.

Less Mess

For those of you who have to clean up each time your dog has a sip of water, there is one more reason why you may need to get an elevated dog bowl. When the feeder is higher up, it minimizes the likeliness that your pet will get tempted to splash in it and make a mess all around the bowl. And lastly, elevated bowls are more hygienic when compared to ground ones. When placed low, fur and dirty food particles can get kicked into their food and water bowls, and later get swallowed and cause problems.