Reasons to Buy Root Industries Scooters

The world of scootering is a thrilling and dynamic one, filled with boundless opportunities for riders to explore their limits, challenge their skills, and express their unique style, so finding the perfect ride is quite an exciting journey.

Whether you’re a professional or a newcomer, picking the right scooter can make or break your future as a rider, that’s why it’s important to consider all the factors before you decide to buy it. So, let’s delve into the world of scooters and see what you need to look for when choosing the one for you.

Why Scooters?

root industries scooter

Scooters have surged in popularity over the years. The sport offers a unique blend of adrenaline and creativity, as well as skill that has captivated people from different experience levels. What makes it more enticing is its accessibility. Scooters are relatively affordable and easy to find, making it simpler for everyone who wants to do it. Moreover, scootering isn’t just a sport. People have started using scooters as a means of transport and it is slowly gaining popularity everywhere.

Root Industries

In the world of scootering, some scooters have stood out and made it easier for everyone who wants to take up this sport. The innovative Root Industries scooters have been used by professionals for years now, and more and more people are buying them for recreational purposes. They are great to hit the park or just ride around the streets.


This brand is known for its commitment to quality. Their scooters are meant for people who are professionals and that means that these scooters must be tough enough to take the countless hours of practising and riding, the constant jumps and collisions with the ground. That means that they have to be built with durable materials so that they won’t fail their pro riders.

Design and Construction

This company takes pride in using high-quality materials resulting in scooters that are not only durable but also incredibly reliable. The deck is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminium, ensuring both durability and lightweight performance. It also features a big foot space, providing ample room for riders of all sizes to comfortably ride and execute their tricks.

Build to Last

Durability is of the utmost importance when it comes to scooters, so buy one that can last long and endure the rigours of intense tricks and frequent ridings. Whether you’re hitting the park, navigating the streets, or practising new tricks, you can be sure that Root Industry scooters will endure all of it.


The Root Ind scooters are engineered for peak performance, ensuring that riders can achieve maximum speed, stability, and control. When it comes to pro scootering, performance is the key factor. The rider’s qualities and capabilities are the number one factor, but having a scooter that is equipped with high-quality components such as high-performance grips is very important. Moreover, the smooth-rolling wheels, precision bearings, and responsive brakes ensure a smooth ride.

Which Series Should You Consider?

scooter root industries Invictus 2

As one of the leading companies in this world, they offer a wide range of scooter series, each tailored to different riding styles and preferences as well as ages. They aren’t just made for adults, kids can also enjoy scooters from this company. Let’s take a closer look at some of their most popular series:

Type R

The Type R Root Industries scooter series is convenient for all ages and it is especially perfect for beginners and people who are looking for an entry-level scooter. It is a reliable and affordable option for people who want to start their scootering journey and for kids who are just starting to ride a scooter. The Type R isn’t just limited to beginners, advanced riders can also use it.

The bar dimensions are perfectly proportionate so that some flips such as the BRI can be effortlessly executed. How heavy is the Root Industries Type R? This series of scooters weighs around 3,6 kg which makes it perfect for movement and easy to perform tricks on. This scooter combines form and function, allowing newbies and pros to ride with confidence, style and stability while doing their favourite tricks either on the streets or the skateparks.

Invictus 2

These series of scooters are for more advanced riders who are looking for a scooter that matches their skills. So, if you’re advanced beyond the basics this series is the ultimate choice for you. It has lighter wheels which add to the stability and balance of the scooter, enabling the rider to progress with ease and to have more natural and fluent movements.

The deck is lighter and stronger than most scooters and the bars are made from a premium alloy which makes them lighter than normal aluminium bars and yet still durable. This allows the rider to move with ease and perform at his highest level without having to worry about the scooter since it can withstand all the challenges that come with the tricks in scootering.

So, the Type R series is perfect for beginners, offering a reliable and budget-friendly scooter for you to start learning to ride and do tricks, while the Invictus 2 series is geared towards advanced riders, delivering high-performance scooters designed to meet the demands of experienced and ambitious individuals. If you’re new to this world and want to learn pick the Type R scooter, but if you’re an advanced rider who’s looking for adventures opt for the Invictus 2.