10 Lovely Bridal Hair Style Ideas for Every Hair Type

It might be difficult to choose a wedding hairstyle that you like and that will look well on you on your wedding day before you schedule your hair and makeup artist. The only thing stopping you from having the wedding hairstyle of your dreams is your imagination. But, how can you narrow down the seemingly endless options?

First, you need to find as much inspiration as you can. This guide has something for you whether you’re having a formal wedding and need a bridal hairstyle that will maintain your look polished throughout the whole evening, or a bohemian wedding and are up for a suitable boho hairstyle, and it’s all in choosing the right bridal hair pieces that match your taste.

Elegant and Fun Wedding Updos for Long Hair

source: thewhitecollection.com.au

Wedding updos are a great option if you want to wear your hair up into something more elaborate, or if you want a simpler style for your big day that’s still put together. You’ll have a fun time deciding between these updo wedding hairstyles, which range from loose curls and twists to formal buns and braided styles.

1. Loose-Curled Braids in a Low Bun

Think of a low braided bun à la Disney Princess if you want a delicate, romantic updo for your wedding. The loose curls that hang in front of the face are a lovely touch, and the braids that run down the back create a great texture that continues into the bun. 

2. Pearl Bun Updo with a Twist and a Fold

source: thewhitecollection.com.au

This sophisticated bridal updo is done by combining twists, curls, and folds. The bun at the base of the neck draws attention to the head’s gorgeous texture, and the strategically placed pearls offer a touch of elegance.  Pearls are a beautiful contrast against brunette hair and can take an otherwise modest bridal updo to the next level. You can get a wide variety of bridal hair accessories Australia online stores offer to help your hairdo stand out, enhance your overall look, and even stand in for jewellery if that’s your preference.

3. Casual Wedding Updo with Curls

Don’t be shy about flaunting your curls or textured hair in your bridal updo. A meticulous sweep back into a low bun shows off the hair’s natural curls. The fact that the fringe and front hair pieces aren’t overdone with styling is another thing that looks sweet and romantic, especially if you pair it with other elegant wedding accessories.

4. Flower Crown Braids in a Boho Style

source: thewhitecollection.com.au

It’s possible to achieve a sophisticated, complex style while maintaining a carefree, beachy vibe when you combine many braids with flowers. The loose hair and beautiful, noticeable roots give the impression that this style took no time at all to produce. 

5. Boho Updo With Full Flower Crown

Flower crowns, especially handmade ones, are practically required for a summer wedding theme. The floral crown in this bridal updo wraps around the head and rests atop the low-hanging bun, while the front curls frame the face beautifully. 

6. Sleek Bun with Fringe for Formal Occasions

source: thewhitecollection.com.au

Imagine the sophistication of having perfectly smooth hair on your wedding day. Those soon-to-be weds looking for a more conventional, sophisticated look can take cues from this. The style has beautiful glittery hair clips, Hollywood curls that frame the face, and a side bun in the style of a beauty pageant. How stunning!

Wedding Hairstyles for Short and Bob Length Hair

If your hair is short or in a bob cut, you can choose from a variety of styles that are sure to turn heads at your wedding. Don’t limit your creativity because of your short hair; these short wedding hairstyles, from loose waves to vintage curls, are sure to inspire you:

1. Sleek Short Wedding Hair With Headband

source: thewhitecollection.com.au

If you want to embrace short locks on your wedding day, why not slick them down for a clean and elegant look? When worn with a side part, bridal hair accessories Australia retailers have, in the likes of headbands, provide just the right amount of flair.  This look goes wonderfully with a veil and a straightforward dress. 

2. Clean and Classic Bob Hairstyle for the Wedding

Brides who want to look chic and current should have a straight, uncomplicated style for their bob hair. You can achieve this stunning look with a middle split and sleek, blow-dried hair. Either side can be tucked behind the ear, or you can let both frame your face. This elegant wedding hairdo, designed for special occasions, is proof that even brides with lobs or shoulder-length hair can pull it off. 

3. Choppy Short Wedding Hair

source: thewhitecollection.com.au

When it comes to short hairstyles for brides, going bold is permitted. This jagged cut is stunning, and it has been fashioned so that each strand falls just so, beautifully framing the bride’s face. The bright blonde is especially flattering in this cut, but the daring style would look great on brunettes and redheads as well. 

4. Glamorous Hollywood Curl Bridal Hair

Don’t believe the rumour that bob hair can’t be curled like Hollywood stars. Any bride’s short hair can be beautifully curled when done the right way with the right designer bridal hair accessories available. It can have less structure than the typical Hollywood wave, but you can make it tighter if you choose to.