Wedding Umbrellas: An Elegant & Multipurpose Wedding Accessory

Bride and groom with wedding umbrellas


Ah, weddings, is there anyone who doesn’t like them? All the love circling around, happiness filling the air, friends and relatives gathered together to celebrate two very special people – it’s all just a wonderful ordeal through and through. Weddings are always a nice thing to be invited to, but when you’re actually the one getting married things look a lot different. There really is just so much to think about!

Many couples decide to hire wedding planners to help ease the stress and actually enjoy the planning process, but this doesn’t eliminate the fact that you still are in charge of everything that’s happening. Your ideas are what matters, your planner is just following them.

Because of this, you still have a lot to think about, so things like a proper photographer or the right kind of decor are still your responsibility. Not to mention, classic worries like the weather or how to make your wedding stand out from all the rest going on are always around, so it can get pretty stressful even if you do have a planner hired.

Today I’d like to help you cut a bit of that stress out by suggesting an interesting and often unexpected wedding accessory that’s both functional and extremely stylish and has the potential to really transform your whole ceremony – the wedding umbrella.

Here are a few reasons why wedding umbrellas should definitely be a talking point between you and your fiance!

Umbrellas Offer Protection

Wedding umbrellas


Of course, the most basic use of an umbrella is to offer protection from the rain. Even though rain is considered a sign of luck when it comes to weddings, deeming the marriage one to last for ages, it’s still frowned upon to have it rain on your wedding day, mostly because most outdoor ceremonies rely on dry weather for the setup to work and outfits, hair, and makeup to stay intact.

Having umbrellas as decor pieces can really help with bad weather, protecting the bride’s gown, hair, and makeup until she’s safely inside, as well as protect the groom and his outfit until he steps inside, too.

However, this isn’t the only kind of protection wedding umbrellas can offer. Too much sun can also be an issue, so having an umbrella around can really help you out. It will keep the bride cool and comfortable while celebrating, preventing her makeup from melting or cracking under the strong sun rays. Given that we live in Australia, this isn’t a bad idea at all.

Wedding umbrellas can also protect you from wind, bugs, and many other things that can try to ruin your look in one way or another, so they really are a multipurpose protective accessory you should think about including in your ceremony.

There Are Various Models

Japanese style wedding umbrella


There are actually many different types and models of wedding umbrellas you can get that will fit any aesthetic, decor type, and overall celebration. For example, you can get delicate, lace umbrellas wedding designs that will perfectly fit in the decor thanks to their gentle look and that dash of class and elegance they provide.

Such an umbrella can protect you from the sun, wind, and dust successfully and offer you just the right amount of shade while at the same time enriching your wedding outfit instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

If you’re looking for something a bit different though, you could go for clear umbrellas wedding setups also love. A clear umbrella can work for both a bride and a groom as well as their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Extremely uniform and gender-neutral, they can be a perfect accessory piece for everyone present and offer protection at the same time, both from everything mentioned above, plus rain.

Other options like Japanese-style wedding umbrellas can also work well with your decor and outfit as there are many colours to choose from.

They Can Serve as Memorabilia

Women with wedding umbrellas


Depending on which model you choose and how big your wedding actually is, wedding umbrellas can become a great memorabilia piece your guests and loved ones will remember your wedding by. Instead of giving ordinary gift packs for those attending, you can include an umbrella in the mix and even get some fun photos out of them while you’re at it. Imagine your whole wedding party posing for a picture, umbrellas everywhere – doesn’t it sound like an amazing moment?

You can also use the umbrellas as props for your engagement photoshoot as well as your wedding photos with your partner and your entourages. Depending on where you’re having your wedding and what the weather is like you can get various umbrella packs for your guests and yourself. Elegant, stylish, and very unique, they’ll definitely leave their mark on the whole ceremony, making it one to retell and cherish.

One tip I can give you regarding this is to always make sure your and your fiance’s umbrellas stand out from the rest. Also, you can get different styles and colours for men and women and add an interesting theme to the whole wedding. The possibilities are really endless, the only thing required is a bit of imagination!

If you have a wedding planner hired you can discuss the wedding umbrella idea with them and see what they can come up with. I’m sure they’ll be excited to work with such a novel idea and add it to your big day.