Essential Photography Equipment for the Serious Photographers

If you are someone who is serious about photography, then you absolutely need to have the right equipment so that you can be able to get the shots you want. While some people think that having a camera and lens is enough, to really get those great shots you need to have all the right equipment and accessories. If you are someone who is just starting out, then you might not be too sure what equipment I am referring to. That is why below we will go over all the things you will need to really set yourself apart from the amateurs. You can find all of the equipment I’m about to list in photography equipment stores. If you are not sure where to find a store you can easily search for once near you online.

photography equipment

  1. Tripod – A tripod is one piece of equipment that you will most definitely need. A tripod will come in use when you need to take large group shots, if you want to take the photo with a remote trigger or if you need to take a photo from the top of a table. There are so many situations where a tripod will really come in handy.
  2. Flash Meter – While you can use the meter in your camera for ambient light reading, using a flash meter is much more accurate and much more professional. You can easily shoot test shots to see how they come up on your camera’s LCD but using a flash meter is a much more precise way of establishing the right flash exposure.
  3. Straps & Holsters – Camera bags and shoulder straps are okay in most situations but if you are working a busy room or cannot bear the weight of more than one camera on your shoulder all night, then you should consider a holster. This really takes the weight off your shoulder and makes it much easier to be carrying more than one camera for a long period of time.
  4. Wireless Remote – If you are someone who plans to work at a wedding or in a crowded environment, then the fewer cables you have strewn around the better. Cables can be dangerous in crowds and someone can easily fall over, not to mention they can easily get damaged. Using a wireless remote can make things a lot easier and a lot safer.
  5. Battery Grip – A battery grip gives you a second set of controls which make things a whole lot easier when you are turning your camera to shoot at different angles. It also gives you a little more to hold on to which will make your camera feel more secure in your hands. When it comes to the battery itself you should opt for a rechargeable one so you can have power whenever you need it.
  6. Filters – Some photographers may not see the need for using a filter when there are so many great photo editing programs out there. While this is certainly true, using a filter to get the perfect shot cuts down on the editing time that you will need later. This makes things a whole lot faster and easier and you don’t need to spend as much time adjusting the photo.
  7. Batteries – It is never a good thing to run out of batteries, without batteries you just can’t take photos plain and simple. So it’s important to always be stocked up with a good supply of batteries, especially if you plan on shooting for long periods of time. You always want to have a set of backup batteries with you this could mean rechargeable ones or regular ones, whichever ones suit your needs more.
  8. Cleaning Kit – Last but not least, you need a great cleaning kit to make sure that your camera can capture everything without dust, finger prints or scratches getting in the way. It’s also a great way to make sure that your camera and all of your equipment last. You can easily find all of these items in photography equipment stores which you can search for online to find one near you.