No Reason Needed: Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Military Person in Your Life

Members of the Army sacrifice so much for their communities and country and their service is priceless. We don’t need a particular reason to celebrate the military people and their achievements and sometimes it’s nice to say ‘’thank you for your service’’ with more than just words. Whether they’re currently serving on duty or a veteran, you can find a gift that fits any kind of military service.

Military Gift Ideas

For Veterans

Medal Boxes

medallion display case

Medals are awarded to service men and women for their military service as a mark of honour for bravery and heroism or outstanding service or achievement. They’re an official symbol of service and you can see veterans wearing them on special days of commemoration such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

These medals, honours and awards represent their prestigious service, so you can buy a carefully designed medallion display case to safeguard them. Surprise the army veteran who holds a special place in your life with this unique gift that can become a valuable representation of their family heritage.

There are many different options, from small to medium and large boxes. Make sure you know the number of medals your recipient has, so you can choose the perfect box. The small ones are perfect for holding 1 to 3 medals, the medium for 4 to 7 medals and the large ones can easily fit 8 to 10 medals.

You can find a medallion display case made of Australian Jarrah hardwood, known for its strength, durability and versatility. It’s an ideal timber for this kind of box and is certainly a choice your deserving recipient will appreciate.

They feature a simple yet smart design to protect and safely store the esteemed achievements of an Army member. Most of these boxes have a back layer made of cloth, plastic or wood and feature a removable case back with a secure seal, which makes them easily accessible for occasional use.

There are a few different ways to display a medal collection and each person can choose one that suits their preference or create their own. The general protocols for displaying medals suggest that the highest honours should be on the top left in order of precedence.

Flag Display Case

This is a classic, traditional gift for veterans you can’t go wrong with. A high-quality, durable flag display case is a nice gift choice to honour their service and dedication.

Framed Military Photos

This is a sentimental gift option that can instantly take them back to military times. Even more, it’s a beautiful keepsake for next generations as well.

For Active-Duty Military


Military watch

Everybody loves good watches, but in the Army being on time is crucial, so they’re considered more than just accessories, but essentials. Having a high-quality and reliable timepiece is always a good idea. Treat a service member to the gift of time with a feature-rich watch that’s durable, water-, shock- and magnetic-resistant. Long battery life and LED light are some of the most important features that can make a big difference on the field. You can choose from a variety of wristwatches and find the perfect one for your special service member that also complements his/her favourite military jacket style.


Eye protection is one of the top priorities in the military. Therefore, choosing a pair of high-quality sunglasses for the military member in your life is a nice, thoughtful way to show them that you’ve done some research before buying a gift. Opt for a pair of sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, so they can wear them on and off the field.

Multipurpose Tools

A multitool, as the name suggests, features different tools in a single and easy-to-operate accessory. It’s a practical gift idea to any service member and one they’ll surely find useful in their life, from their every day to military tasks.

For Military ‘’Up the Rank’’

Military Rings

military man wearing army ring

Wearing a ring signifies an important commitment in our lives. An army ring is a great gift to honour a special military person in your life and show them that you appreciate what they’re doing and what they’ve become. It’s a nice, unique and memorable way to show support and gratitude for their service.

You can find military rings made of yellow or rose gold, silver or sterling silver and more, with the Army logo engraved, or an Army unit, branch and crest. They’re available in designs for both people who prefer traditional styles and people who are keen on cutting-edge fashion.

There are no strict rules on how to wear a military ring. He or she can wear it while wearing their uniform, but also when off duty, to both formal and informal gatherings. Just keep in mind that some military rings are big, so if your recipient is wearing a wedding band, you may suggest they wear the ring on the other hand instead, to avoid inconveniences.

High-Quality Apparel

Whether you’re looking for the perfect clothing for a member of the Australian Army, the Air Force or the Royal Australian Navy, there are many different, stylish and durable accessories, including hats, beanies, berets, hoodies, shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, etc.

No matter what gift you choose, always remember to honour their service and show them how thankful and proud you are.