No Reason Not to Decorate: Revive Your Space with Decorative Pillows

Being one of the most important rooms in the home, the bedroom should be everything but boring. The reasons why you don’t like your bedroom could be many, but so are the ways to revive it. And if you’re following the ‘less is more’ rule, you should certainly consider decorating your home the Scandinavian way.

This style is all about using minimal but effective home decor pieces that have the power to instantly spruce up the room. Such home décorative items with which you cannot go wrong are decorative pillows. They are the fastest, most pocket-friendly and easiest way to transform your bedroom décor. And since they can e quite affordable, you can change your bedroom’s décor as the seasons change.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to jazz up your haven with decorative cushions.

sofa bed with pillows with mix of patterns


They Can Help You Show Off Your Personality

Unlike the bed and the rest of the larger furniture pieces that cannot be changed whenever you want, it is the many pillows decorative options that can help you to be more creative. When it comes to throw pillows, you should let yourself make bolder choices. Let your personality show off by implementing a stronger colour in your bedroom through them.

Since throw pillows are small decorative pieces, they can create the perfect balance between your colder tone bedroom and the life of the stronger coloured pillows. Whether you choose to implement different colours through pillows or you decide to choose ones with some interesting patterns, creating a style statement in your bedroom would be guaranteed.

Stay Trendy by Choosing the Latest Models

No matter how much we may like them, most home décor trends aren’t permanent. They are changing from year to year and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all of them. Luckily, you can easily amp up your interior style in a jiffy with throw pillows. When it comes to choosing such pillows decorative patterns and prints like geometrical shapes, tropical and abstract patterns are some of the many choices you can choose from. Paired with some other decorative pieces, you can easily make your bedroom look like the ones you see in magazines, only without breaking the bank.

pillow decor ideas for living room


They Can Improve Your Comfort

Besides being a great decorative piece, throw pillows can also add to your comfort, especially during those lazy afternoons. Tucking under a cosy throw blanket and laying your head over those comfy throw pillows is one of the best feelings after a long and busy day. Speaking from another point of view, your bedroom won’t look the same with and without these pillows. Decorative throw pillows will make your bedroom cosier, warmer and complete.

How to Arrange Decorative Bed Pillows

The Minimal Approach

Keep it simple by adding several throw pillows on your bed. You can use your sleeping pillows as a backrest on which you can lean on your throw pillows. To make the room more inviting, you can choose four pillows of different dimension and shape. To create a layered look, the back pillows can be larger, and the front ones smaller.

The Luxury Hotel Style

No bedroom is more appealing than the ones we see in modern hotels. In fact, it is the pillows on the bed that make everything so extravagant and stylish. Luckily, you can recreate this look in your very own bedroom by choosing larger throw pillows. Because of their size, they create a fuller look and seem to be more comfortable. Choose several throw pillows in different sizes and patterns. The ones on the back could be plain and in a neutral colour like white or light grey, the middle ones could be in a darker colour, while the front ones should be patterned.

bedroom with white bedding and decorative large pillows


Play with Colour Palette

Forming an unsymmetrical look with throw pillows is a good way to jazz up your bedroom. Besides arranging the pillows in the 3,2,1 arrangement that is both elegant and stylish, you can also play with their colours. For instance, you can choose one colour but incorporate different hues of it which you can arrange in an ombre way, the darker pillows should be placed on the back, while the lighter ones on the middle and front row.

How to Spot Clean Decorative Pillows?

Before cleaning the pillows, the first thing you need to do is get rid of any dust. The easiest way to do this is by cleaning it with your vacuum with the upholstery brush attachment. Once done, you can proceed with spot cleaning the decorative pillows the right way.