Reasons Why You Don’t Like Your Bedroom & Tips on How to Fix It

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home. We all want this part of our house to be our personal sanctuary and a cozy retreat for us to enjoy fully. In theory, we all know how the ideal bedroom should look like, but it’s not that easy to achieve it when it comes to putting all the pieces from the puzzle together.

We need to understand that some items are better left outside our bedrooms to create a healthy and harmonious environment and that small details can have a huge impact on the ambience and overall mood of the room. If you’re thinking about redecorating this part of your home, here are a few reasons why you probably don’t like your bedroom at the moment and few simple design tips to fix it.

It doesn’t feel welcoming

Consider how you would prepare this room for a guest. Or, better yet, how would you like your room to feel like if you were a guest in a charming little Bed & Breakfast  for a weekend getaway? What would you love to see in that room and what would you hate? Would you like removing someone’s laundry from the bed or tripping over piles of clutter on the floor? The answer is obvious. Treat yourself as you would treat a guest. Paying attention to such details and incorporating them in your bedroom will turn your space into a sanctuary you will love.

Your bedding is dull

A designer tip for creating a more vibrant room is to mix in more textures and layers. If your bedding set is matching or it is all the same fabric, you can spice things up by layering in one dramatically different and textured piece. Think a cotton throw with fringes, a chunky knit blanket or a unique pillow with a large tassel trim for some extra drama. Sometimes, mixing just one different texture can make a world of difference.

Your pillows aren’t comfy

Do you remember when was the last time you updated your pillow inserts or covers? Having multiple pillows in various firmness levels for maximum comfort is always a good idea. To make sipping on warm drinks and reading in bed more pleasant, go with firmer inserts in the back of the bed. In the rest of the covers, the ones in which you might curl up, you can use fluffy inserts. Perhaps fresh new inserts or snazzy new covers are just the decorative bedroom accessories you need to change so that you love spending time in your room a little more.

modern bedroom


You don’t have ambient lighting

Mood lighting is a very important part of any bedroom. To be able to fully enjoy the time spent in your room, your best bet is having dimmer switches or three-way switches on all lights. If you happen to find affordable matching lamps that suit your style and are in just the right shape for your needs, but you don’t like their pattern or colour, see if you can spray paint them.

You don’t separate your stress from rest

We’ve already established that your bedroom should be a restful and serene escape from the busy world. However, if you tend to keep bills, work, mail, and to-do-lists in your room, it’s not going to be inviting. Your best bet is separating your work and chores from this sanctuary of yours – maybe you can designate a special place outside of your bedroom where you will store and organize and store such necessities.

modern bedroom bedding


The air is stuffy and stale

Your bedroom should smell and feel clean and fresh. If you haven’t cleaned it or opened the windows recently, the air inside it will feel dusty and stale. To avoid that from happening, make sure you dust your room from top to bottom at least once a week. Wash your bedding, vacuum the floors, clean under the bed, open the windows wide to let fresh air in, and wipe the surfaces in the room.

You’re feeling bored with the same look

Are you getting sick and tired of always looking at the same design and colours? If you’ve had the same bedding, the same rug, curtains, same decorative bedroom accessories and wall colour in the same exact places for years, maybe it’s time to change some things. You can start refreshing your bedroom by swapping furniture pieces, art, or bedroom accessories with another room. Sometimes, even simple things like switching nightstands to the opposite sides could give your room a totally different feel and look.