Welcoming a Furry Friend in Your Home? Here are the Essential Dog Supplies You Need

Dogs are perceived as social butterflies alongside being man’s best friend. Sometimes, however, dogs can be timid or shy too, especially in a new environment, for instance when given to a new owner. In order to make that transitional period easier, you’ll need to provide your dog with all the commodities for a happy dog life.
What Supplies to Buy for a New Dog?


If you want to make your canine companion feel comfortable, a comfy bed is a must. When buying one of these dog supplies online or from a physical store make sure you consider the age of your dog – the older it is, the thicker the bedding needs to be, in order to make it more comfortable for its aching joints. Where you’ll place the bed also plays a role. Make sure you put it somewhere easily accessible for your dog, somewhere dry and warm, but not under direct sunlight.


Crates come in a lot of different designs. Plastic dog crates are usually portable are made for medium to small dogs and have a front facing swinging door. Heavy-duty crates are made for dogs that have a lot of energy (usually larger breeds). Soft-sided dog crates aren’t made for dogs who like to scratch or chew since these are made of canvas and nylon. Folding wire crates are versatile as they can be folded and moved wherever you want – they are not made for big dog breeds.

Leash/ Harness

The material is the most important thing you need to consider when it comes to choosing a proper leash/ harness. For example, leashes made of nylon are very strong and hard-wearing yet more on the cheaper side. They are available in different colours and they don’t shrink when wet (also,they are known to dry out fairly quickly).

Leather leashes are a classier option than nylon but also a more expensive one. Leather leashes are also extremely durable and sturdy. Unlike nylon, leather leashes are not going to be harsh on your hands. Chains are better with dogs that like to chew their leashes and are usually used for bigger dog breeds. Make sure they are not a burden for your dog as they can be pretty heavy.


While this is a no-brainer, getting the right type of food for your dog can seem a bit confusing at first. There are 5 types of dog food and knowing more about each can help provide your dog with the right diet. Kibble (dry) food is the most affordable solution as it lasts for a long time and there is no need to refrigerate it. These foods help your dog’s teeth stay healthy and reduce tartar buildup.

Canned foods are easy to find in dog supplies online and offline and they can last for a long time. Unfortunately, canned food is not ideal since there is water in them which means less digestible protein. The more water in a can, the less digestible protein, which is why its best to go with a can that has a “100% nutritionally complete” label. Canned foods can be expensive.

Semi-Moist dog foods have a similar shape as burgers and pork chips that contain the least amount of nutrition and a have a lot of artificial colouring and flavours. You can give them to your dog as a treat but not on a daily basis. Home cooked food, on the other hand, is the best way to provide your dog with a healthy diet.


Dog brushes and combs are the the first things to consider for your new furry friend. Bristle brushes are great for the majority of hair types while slicker brushes are used to break up tangles on medium to long haired dogs.

There are various types of dog shampoos and conditioners too. You can choose from tear-free shampoos, natural shampoos and ones used to kill mange and fleas (medicated dips). Conditioners are used after you’ve applied and washed off the shampoo to keep the coat shiny and moisturised. Tear-free shampoos protect the eyes of your dog and natural shampoos are chemical-free (instead they have herbs to help with the skin and coat). Medicated dips have strong chemicals that can irritate the skin which is why they are not used as often.

Ear care products include cleansers, cotton pads hemostats and powder. Cleansers help rinse and clean the ear canal whilst hemostats are made to pluck excess hair. Cotton pads (balls) are used to wipe off the left over debris after you’ve used the cleanser. Ear powder helps dry the ear canal to prepare it for plucking.

Clippers are not a must for short haired dogs but medium to long haired dogs will need to be shaved and clipped. Electronic clippers are an ideal solution since they are easy to use and fast too. You can use scissors but it can take quite some time until you get the hang of them.

Finally, you’ll need some trimmers too. Claw or plier-style trimmers are spring loaded and cut much like scissors. Styptic trimmers are used to stop bleeding if you cut a nail too short while guillotine trimmers have a replaceable blade which cuts nails with the help of a spring loaded handle. Filing tools are also needed in this department, such as emery boards, metal files and power rotary tools.