5 Reasons to Invest in Dog Harness

One of the first items that every dog owner has purchased is a collar. After all, the ID tag is attached to the collar and every responsible dog owner is aware of the importance of getting an ID tag for their dog. In case your dog gets lost or runs away, an ID tag will be of great help if someone finds him and wants to return him to you. However, while a collar is a great sign that your dog belongs to your family, it might not be the best accessory when it comes to walking your dog. There is another product you may want to consider for this purpose, which will probably suit your needs better. A dog harness is a perfect alternative to a collar when it comes to walking your dog on a leash. Of course, getting a harness doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the collar. You can keep the collar so that your dog can wear the ID tag and use the harness when walking him.

It is not that hard to find a quality and durable dog harness Australia wide as most online or brick-and-mortar pet shops have them in stock. And if you are not convinced that dog harnesses have something more to offer when compared to collars, here are some reasons that may convince you otherwise.

You’ll Have Better Control Over Your Dog

If you own a larger dog, or simply a dog that pulls hard, you may have found that it is difficult to control him. When you are walking your dog on a leash with a collar, you are basically pulling him by the neck. Whereas with a dog harness, you’re pulling your dog by the chest.

The neck is gentler than the body, which in turn is stronger. This means that you exert more force when trying to control your dog. And this will come in handy if you are walking your dog in crowded areas, where it is more important to be able to keep him closer to you and make sure that he is not getting too close to people walking or standing around you.

It Will Discourage Your Dog from Pulling Too Hard

When your dog starts running forward while wearing a collar with a leash, you will notice that he does indeed move a bit. However, when wearing a harness, even if he starts pulling forward, movement is restricted. This can discourage your dog, as the action will yield no results. The good thing about harnesses is that your dog isn’t being punished for moving forwards faster than you. Some collars, on the other hand, can painfully restrict your dog’s neck so it could feel like a punishment. And the best way to train a dog is with positive reinforcement and rewards, rather than with punishment and fear of the consequences of his actions.

It Won’t Injure Your Dog

One of the main reasons why pet owners are replacing collars with comfortable and adjustable dog harness Australia wide is the fact that collars have been proven to cause injuries. They can be very restrictive in the neck area, so if your dog pulls too hard, his neck and back can be easily injured. The thyroid gland is located in the neck, so heavy and frequent trauma in that area can cause hypothyroidism. Constant pressure on the neck can also put pressure on the eyeballs. This can lead to glaucoma and other eye problems. Not to mention that restricting the neck can cause or exacerbate existing respiratory issues.

Your Dog Won’t Get Tangled Up in The Leash

Energetic dogs like to jump around a lot and this often causes them to get tangled up in the leash. You have probably also fallen victim to this as a result of your dog jumping and running around you. Dog harnesses make it harder for your furry friend to get tangled up and cause you to trip and fall down. Of course, we have no doubt that some dogs will manage to get stuck in the leash while wearing a harness but at least try to reduce the chances of that happening.

It Is Impossible for Your Dog to Remove the Harness

Some puppies are experts in slipping out of their collar. Breeds with thicker necks than heads are even better at this. And the last thing you want when walking your dog on a leash is for your pet to free themselves and run away. An even worse scenario is leaving your dog in front of the store and finding out that he has managed to remove the collar and run away while you were waiting at the register. Whether you’ll order it online or buy it from a shop, it is easy to find an adjustable dog harness Australia wide that will have clasps to prevent your dog from accidentally or purposefully removing the harness.