Beating the Winter Blues: Reasons to Decorate Your Home the Scandinavian Way


With the temperatures continuing to drop, if there’s one thing we’re craving, it’s a place to cosy up during the winter. And when it comes to creating spaces that can beat the winter blues, we can all learn a thing or two from the Scandinavians. Considering how they’re living in some of the coldest places in the world, Scandinavians seem to have found the formula for decorating homes that are bright, cosy and inviting. So, if you’re planning to redecorate your home this season, here are some reasons to go Scandinavian.

It Emits Warmth

While they may be clean and minimalist, Scandinavian spaces should include a variety of textures that can make the space warm and intimate. So, try sprinkling some cosy home decor items such as plush pillows, soft cowhide rugs and bamboo throws which can help keep you warm for the winter and also provide the space with some visual accent. Although this style is minimalist and as such is best left with a small amount of décor, you are free to include all of these decorative pieces since they also have a practical purpose. You can also, incorporate other homewares that emit warmth and create intimacy in one way or another, such as dimmable lighting fixtures or scented candles that flicker.

It Floods the Space with Light

As the days become shorter and gloomier, there will be less natural light entering the space. However, the Scandinavian style is known for its ability to make interiors look brighter. This style demands that the walls are white and clean, which as a result amplifies the light around the room. Additionally, you should avoid using hard window treatments and heavy curtains which can reduce the amount of light getting in. And when it comes to artificial lights, try using large chandeliers and other noticeable fixtures which are made of metal and can reflect light. Another great way to increase the light in the room is with strategic use of mirrors, like for instance behind a lamp.

It Creates a Soothing Atmosphere

The clean, white walls can feel too cold unless they are properly softened. With that being said, Scandinavian spaces often feature a colour palette dominated by earthy tones such as brown, grey, black and cream, and small hints of pastels. You can use earthy neutrals for the larger elements in the room, such as the furniture and windows, and pastels in the form of small home décor items. As a result, the space isn’t overwhelmed with colour and actually has a soothing feel to it, perfect for spending your weekends curled up in a blanket on the sofa.