Men’s Footwear Trends: Reasons to Wear Leather Shoes

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers, dress shoes, boots or any other type of footwear, it’s important to pay attention to their material. The online market is filled with various types of footwear that might look fashionable, but don’t guarantee you comfort and protection. If you’re having trouble picking a good pair of shoes, opt for tried-and-true leather shoes. This type of footwear is widely known for the comfort it provides, as well as many other benefits.

Calfskin Leather


While the soft lambskin is common in the manufacturing of leather clothing, calfskin often gives the best shoes and accessories. This leather is sturdier than lambskin, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as abrasions. Calfskin is a high-quality cowhide. Despite its strength, it’s still thin and soft, and its grain is smooth and fine. Calfskin is often used for manufacturing quality clothing, shoes, wallets, and other accessories, but you can also see it in traditional leather book bindings.

Leather Dress Sneakers

If you’re looking to bridge the gap between casual and formal shoes, try a pair of leather mens sneakers. These dress sneakers are a hybrid between class and comfort. They stand out from the traditional sneaker and the dress shoe, giving you a lot more options to style them in an outfit.

The leather dress sneakers for men are designed and crafted in Italy – the heart of the leather shoe business. These manufacturers carefully create every piece, from the tanning, to the cutting, stitching and gluing. Every piece of footwear that they make is the result of decades of honing their skills. This is why their footwear is considered a work of art.

How to Style Leather Dress Sneakers?

Office footwear for men has evolved a lot over the years. While in the past it used to consist of classic uniform leather shoes, and a more restricted dress code, today we find a variety of options to style our work outfits. While leather male sneakers give your casual outfit a dose of class, they’re a good addition to your work outfit as well.

Leather dress sneakers go well with an office suit, but as with any style combination, you need to pair them with the right suit. Otherwise, your outfit will look odd and distract from your style. Make sure that the colour of your sneakers complements the colour of the suit you’re wearing. In case your suit is in a light or pastel colour, you can pair it with more colourful sneakers.


The rule of thumb for styling darker suits is to pair them with dress sneakers in dark tones. For example, if your suit is black or charcoal grey, try to stick to black sneakers. If you prefer navy, grey, or brown suits, you can style them with black, burgundy, or brown leather mens sneakers. Whatever your choice is, you need to make sure that your footwear doesn’t distract from your overall look.

The cut of your suit also influences how good your outfit looks. Leather sneakers work best with slim-cut suits that cut off just above the sneakers’ tongue. This helps to sharpen your image and makes your footwear appear more executive. For a more casual-looking suit, the better shoe options are loafers and derbies.

What are the Benefits of Leather Shoes?

  • Breathability: Leather easily lets air pass through it. This helps to cool your feet and eliminate bad odours.
  • Durability: Buying leather shoes is an investment for a lifetime. Leather is far more durable than synthetic materials.
  • Protection: Although leather shoes aren’t as strong as those with a steel toe cap or composite capped shoes, this strong natural material offers protection in different types of environments.
  • Better fit: Some synthetic shoes are hard on your feet and don’t accommodate them well. Leather, on the other hand, tends to mould to the shape of your foot. These shoes adapt to your foot’s shape and give you extra comfort and support.
  • Easy to clean: Leather shoes are low maintenance and don’t require the use of a lot of harsh chemicals to keep them clean.
  • Eco-friendly: Manufacturing of synthetic shoes includes the release of harmful gases. Leather is a natural material, so it doesn’t require harmful chemicals to create it.
  • It smells good: Genuine leather has a distinct pleasant smell that you can’t find in other types of materials.

How to Care for Leather Shoes?

The stylish leather sneakers for men are durable, but in order to keep them looking good for a long time you need to take proper care of them. Proper maintenance includes cleaning them regularly, conditioning once every month and polishing them for that stylish sheen. If you live in moist weather conditions, you should consider waterproofing your shoes, although many of the modern leather shoes already have a protective layer. Cleaning this type of footwear requires a few easy steps:

  • Removing dust and dirt using a soft cloth.
  • Using a soft brush to thoroughly rub leather cleaner into the material.
  • Dealing with salt stains by using a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. Gently rubbing this mixture onto the leather with a soft cloth should remove a stain.