Boots: The Reasons to Wear Them

It seems like lifestyles have drastically changed over the years, and what we have today as the typical one is having a pile of errands to take care of, always being pressed for time. It can be hectic which makes it easy to forget something as essential as adequate footwear, until your busy schedule starts taking its toll on your feet and that’s why this post is dedicated to boots.

If you want to ensure the comfort of your feet, it’s time to turn to the help of boots, and when I say this I have ankle ones in mind. They are a fashion staple that never goes out of style, like the classy Clarks desert boots for example, which is more than a reason enough itself to get a pair, comfort aside. Though it’s usually men who are associated with this type in particular, it doesn’t mean women can’t wear them either; in fact, there are some especially designed for women.

boots streetwear
Another reason in favour of boots streetwear is the style you can combine them with. Where there’s streetwear there’s comfort too yet not at the expense of stylishness. What I love about a nice pair of boots is it can be the perfect match for many outfits, so you don’t have to waste time thinking what to put on for a stroll through the park, run to catch public transport or go shopping.

They are the shoes you can walk miles in! For example, Wood Wood’s Connor boot makes the ideal combination for boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans as well as leggings, but don’t think you’d look too masculine wearing them because you can easily use them with a skirt or even a dress (e.g. think floral!). The same goes for the desert ones.

boots streetwear2

In other words, when it comes to some boots streetwear isn’t the only style you can expect to try them with; though they may not go well with formal wear, you still have options to choose from. Additionally, they give an immediate upgrade to your look, and wardrobe too for that matter; while sneakers are attributed to a youthful (and sometimes immature) look, boots speak maturity.

And then there’s the fact they can be worn year-round. I’m aware most of you view boots as the footwear for the cold days of autumn, winter, and even rainy spring but God forbid wearing them in summer. Well, truth is, some summer outfits look better with boots than with sandals, and you shouldn’t feel like a fish out of water if you choose to wear a summer dress with Dr Martens.