Designing with a Reason: Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Area

Imagine your backyard with the peaceful blue water bubbling from a nice hot tub ready to melt your stress away. Or, with a beautiful outdoor fireplace ready to warm you up as you laugh and relax with your family and friends in the winter, sitting on beautiful furniture around it. Of course, creating your own little outdoor heaven might be a big investment, and will probably require quite some time and planning. But in today’s fast and stressful world, we all deserve a little luxury and small stress-relieving joys. Creating an outdoor entertainment area can do all that for you.

Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Area with swim spa outdoor

Why Invest in a Swim Spa?

Spas aren’t just one of the go-to’s for anyone seeking instant stress-relief, people have been soaking in hot water for its healing powers for centuries. Today, thanks to the great advancements in technology, we have the option to buy swim spa pools and enjoy them in the comfort of our homes, any time we want. While having a hot tub in your garden is undoubtedly an aesthetical addition which can add a lot to your home’s value, it’s also a way to invest in your and your family’s well-being, both physical and mental.

Heat and buoyancy play a huge part in the stress-relief part of using a hot tub. The immersion in hot water improves our blood circulation, which not only means more nutrients get to our cells to help our bodies regenerate, but our brain gets more oxygen as well, helping us perform to the best of our potential.

swim spa oudoor with patio

The buoyant force of the water is what gives us the sense of weightlessness that takes off the pressure on our joints and muscles. This not only relaxes our entire body, but it also helps alleviate body aches. And, thanks to hydrotherapy pumps, hot tubs are even more effective for faster recovery from physical injuries, than simple soaking in hot water.

Furthermore, swim spa pools also enable you to exercise and recreate in your home. These spa pools feature a narrow tank that’s similar to a swimming pool, but smaller, that allows you to swim, offering the best of both worlds. Plus, their compact size is very convenient for any patio or backyard.

Both enjoying a soak in the summer breeze, and swimming have important positive impacts on mental health. Easing muscle tension, improving post-injury recovery, soothing joints, weight control and weight loss are just some of the benefits. Water has a very calming effect on us. Whether we are swimming or lying in it, or simply gazing at it, water helps our minds find that place of peace and relaxation similarly to meditation.

Why Invest in a Designer Outdoor Heater?

Why Invest in a Designer Outdoor Heater

Another great addition to your outdoor entertainment area, and another small luxury to improve your quality family time, is to invest in stylish outdoor patio heaters. Not only are they necessary if you want to use your outdoor space when the temperatures are lower, but they can also add even more beauty to it.

There are many different types of outdoor patio heaters, fuelled in different ways – wood, propane gas, natural gas, ethanol, electricity. If your only goal is to simply stay warm during colder days or nights, any of them can perform well, and all of them have their advantages and drawbacks. However, if design and luxury are what you are going for, ethanol fireplaces are what you are looking for.

beautiful designer table with fireplace

Though it seems that nothing can compare to the calming sense of looking at wood burning in a fireplace, beautiful designer fireplaces fuelled by ethanol beg to differ. Ethanol burns with orange flame, which means that they can just as easily create ambience. And all this without the smell. Ethanol outdoor fireplaces come in many different stunning contemporary designs, that are certain to add style and class to any place, both indoor or outdoor.

This fairly new option for outdoor heaters are very easy to instal and very environmentally sound, and unlike burning wood, they don’t emit carbon monoxide. Ethanol is a type of renewable alternative fuel that is created from by-products from plants. What also makes them a better choice of heater for your outdoor area, is that they are safer than wood-burners, which can be a serious fire hazard. Furthermore, many of the models you can find are free-standing, and they can be placed on top of a table, on the floor, etc., which means that their installation is easy, and without cost. And since ethanol doesn’t leave charcoal, and doesn’t emit damaging gasses, these fireplaces are also easy and not expensive to maintain.

Why Invest in Quality Outdoor Furniture?

quality furniture outdoor with swim spa

Your entertainment area will, of course, need furniture, where you, your family and your guests can sit and have a laugh. Preferably, it should consist of pieces that can withstand the elements, while complementing the decor of your space. Furniture pieces are one of those things that add a lot of functionality to a place, while also playing a huge part in the decor and the overall vibe of the place. But, more than that, when it comes to your patio or your garden, the furniture will provide you with the ability to expand the comfort and the style of your home beyond your doorstep, like nothing else.

Whether you want to create a place that will feel like a living room outside, a dining area near a patio kitchen, or you want a swing or sun loungers, placing quality furniture outdoor is the only way to ensure longevity. When you are buying furniture for outside you have to be as careful about your choices, as if you were buying furniture for your living room.

Since the style of whatever pieces of furniture you decide to add to your outdoor area, will define the style of the area, when you are choosing them, you need to apply some of the same reasoning as when you are buying furniture for your home. This means that you need to think about which style will complement the surrounding area. Also think about patterns and textures, functionality, and which pieces of furniture you really need. And, above all, think about the quality of the materials and the fabrics. Since the furniture will be used outdoors, you don’t want something that will be ruined at the first sight of rain. So, apart from quality, you need to think about resilience in regard to harsh weather condition, especially if they aren’t going to be under a ledge or a cover, or you don’t want to put them inside every time the weather forecast isn’t favourable.