Reasons Why You Need Water Filters: Remove Dirt & Bad Taste

We all know water is essential to control our body temperature and keep it hydrated. Still, the majority of people drink only 1 litre of water per day, even though they should be drinking at least 2 or 3. Many claim the reason they don’t drink enough water is that they don’t like the taste of it. If you are one of them, you can try using healthy water flavouring to enhance the taste of your water. But did you know the reason why the water from your kitchen faucet doesn’t taste great or has a funky smell can be due to chlorine? Chlorine is a chemical used to kill some of the microorganisms present in water, but it also changes its taste. Filtering the water at the tap is a great way to remove the taste of additives.

How to Filter Tap Water for Drinking?

picture of kitchen sink with a glass in it  and a tap with a big splash of water
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There is a range of efficient ways to turn unclean water into clean and safe water by removing contaminants. One of them is using an under-sink drinking water filter. This type of filter is connected to your water line and water is filtered directly through the faucet or refrigerator.

More and more homeowners are choosing to install this water filter system in their homes for the obvious reason: an under sink drinking water filter provides a highly-efficient filtration process that removes harmful contaminants, leaving you with clean, filtered water for drinking and cooking. It’s also less cumbersome and works ‘on-demand’.

Why You Should Install an Under Sink Filter?

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Installing a suitable under sink water filter in your home is the best option due to various reasons.

It’s Affordable

Under-sink water filters are one of the most affordable filtration options available on the market. You’ll save money on both the initial purchase and subsequent maintenance. Although you will need to replace filters from time to time, this shouldn’t be such a big problem as you can easily find them online and in stores at affordable prices.

It’s Highly Efficient

This filtration system removes chemicals and other harmful contaminants in tap water and provides clean water using just the constant and strong water pressure of your home. But the best part is that it retains the natural minerals your body needs to stay healthy, which also contribute to the great taste of filtered water.

It’s Mobile

Mobility is another great advantage of installing this water filter system. While other systems with similar functions require ample space as they need to be combined with other filters, under sink filtration systems work alone and require little space. So, if your home can’t accommodate a big water filtration unit, under sink water filters can be the right option for you. They can easily fit under your kitchen sink, leaving you with space for other essential kitchen appliances and use.

Types of Under Sink Water Filters

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Now that you know the host of great reasons to install an under sink water filter system in your home, the next question is – which type to go for?

Reverse Osmosis System

Certain types of under sink filtration units rely on the principle of reverse osmosis to filter unclean water for drinking and cooking. They are perfect for water containing harmful dissolved contaminants such as Arsenic and other heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, Chlorine and sediments.

This system consists of multiple stages of filtration controlled by different forms of filters. There are carbon filters, sediment filters and remineralization filters. There is also a reverse osmosis membrane responsible for filtering dissolved particles, which can’t be found with other kinds of filters. So if you want an under sink filtration system that leaves no stone unturned, reverse osmosis may be the option for you.

Ultrafiltration Systems

When it comes to getting clean and home filtered water from feed water with harmful dissolved contaminants, an under-sink ultrafiltration filter unit is an excellent choice. It features an ultrafiltration membrane that allows it to filter off most of the same contaminants as the reverse osmosis membrane while keeping the dissolves minerals intact, which can offer considerable health benefits for you and your family.

Carbon Water Filters

These filters have the ability to filter off chlorine, odours, chloramines and bad tastes from tap water, leaving you with an odourless, clean and great-tasting water. Carbon water filters rely on the principle of absorption to get rid of organic substances from tap water. The contaminants and chemicals in the feed water get stuck on the surface of the filter. In some cases, this filter system may use mechanical filtration to filter off cysts and lead.

Regardless of which option you decide to go for, all of these under sink water filtration systems are quite affordable, can be installed easily and require little maintenance. They will also help you save significantly on a whole-home filtration system and water-related expenses like bottled water and plumbing works.