Reasons to Upgrade Your Car’s Exhaust System

Although there’s a stereotype following women that they aren’t as good drivers as men, or they aren’t in the know when the topic is about vehicles, give a girl a car she has eyes for and she’d be interested to get to know everything about it; you’d be convinced women are even better drivers.

When I fell in love with the Mazda cars, I wanted to know everything about them, and cars in general. As Mazda’s executive officer, Moro, says, Mazda is all about innovation, power, compactness and going the less trodden path. Regardless of whether you own one of the many Mazda mighty cars or not, this applies to all cars as I’ve gotten to learn: if you want to showcase the beauty and amp the performance of your car, upgrade the exhaust system.


Though cars have an exhaust system installed, as it happens it’s not always one that’s bound to provide optimal performance. This is because most of the focus is placed on the engine which is why you end up getting a low quality exhaust system. Besides, upgrading your exhaust means you’re more likely to notice in case there’s something wrong with it, and keep it in perfect condition, avoiding harmful gasses that are the result of engine operation. Upgrading exhaust systems with top notch components, like the Mazda exhaust systems, first of all gives you additional power, so you don’t just upgrade your exhaust but your car as well.

This is possible thanks to the better tubing which allows for easier and faster air flow, or to put it simply: the better your exhaust system, the more power your car engine gets. You can expect a boost in horse power and torque as well. And then there’s the cutting down on fuel costs when upgrading with Mazda exhaust systems and the like. When there’s more efficiency in the “breathing” process of your car, there’s less chance of more fuel being burnt and going to waste, so you can expect fuel economy.

Since upgraded exhaust parts are made of more durable materials, for instance aluminised or stainless steel, high quality bracketry, flange plates, and double braided flex joints, you can be sure of longer lifespan of your exhaust system, and of course longer outstanding performance. This isn’t the case with factory exhaust parts because they’re designed from milder steel. And, as you might guess, the sound is here too, as a reason for an upgrade. Nowadays, upgrading isn’t about getting a loud annoying sound that makes everyone hate you for it, but rather a deeper lower growl.

If you’re a fan of Mazda like me, and already own one of these beauties, be wary though when working with the exhaust system, because some of these cars have a TWC (Three Way Catalytic) converter in the exhaust to reduce the amount of pollutants that make it to the atmosphere, which is known to heat up a great deal even during a short engine operation. Now it’s time to get that upgrade and show the might of your car.