The Many Pros of Laser Measuring Tape Are Reasons to Own One

Every handyman relies on a set of skills as much as on a set of tools when it comes to carrying out specific tasks. The same goes to being your own handyman too, you can’t expect to even get your hands at DIY without a certain tool. Along with the usual basic tools that are part of a family handyman, like a hammer, level, screwdrivers and the sort, there’s also the measuring tape and this is where my focus goes. If you’ve ever considered giving your toolbox an upgrade, the measuring tape is the perfect starting point.

When compared with a laser measuring tape, the traditional tape doesn’t stand a chance in accuracy, safety, versatility, and speed. The process this device functions on is based on a focused pulse of light and detection of the reflection of the target. What this ingenious device then does is measuring the time between the two which then results in a distance. Some of them even have a working range of up to 50 metres, with incredibly high accuracy.

Laser Measuring

Now that’s a tool worth all the money! Along with this, you also get to save on time because this device measures simply by you pointing to the target, clicking on “measure”, and you get the distance estimation immediately on the display. You can do all this without moving a step, and not requiring a person to help you out holding the other end of the tape. Now, the different ways you can your laser measuring tape; apart from measuring height and width of buildings and objects, including with triangulation, you can uncover whether sides are parallel, and measure up the actual square of a room.

When it comes to electrical equipment, you can never be too sure on the risks you’re being exposed to, but this is something you wouldn’t have to worry about when you have the help of a laser tape. You can measure distances from power devices, distances to objects that are usually hard to reach, particularly in drop ceilings, to check the cables, as well as measuring the ceiling height to get in the know of rod lengths which would be of help when installing lighting fixtures.

Other situations this measurement tool can come in handy is when you’re dealing with the installation of HVAC systems, solar panels, video and audio projections. Then again, same as with all tools, a little maintenance goes a long way, so be sure to give the lens some wiping, and protect the tape when not in use by keeping it in its case.