Sustainability: A Reason to Camp

No matter how good you may be with routine, there comes a day when you realise you could do with some change. In Australia camping happens to be this change as it’s the perfect escape from the city life mess taking you back to basics or not exactly as in the case of self-contained RVs. One of the most essential aspects of camping however, apart from proving to be a great way to bond with loved ones, is learning the lesson of appreciating nature. You can’t be nature’s friend and enemy at the same time, you either care or you don’t and with camping you truly learn a lot about sustainability.

275w rv_solar_panels

You don’t have to be sustainable only by camping in a tent, in fact even with an RV you can still make your outdoor adventure green. For start, a step in this direction is opting to rely on solar energy and with the help of variety of free-standing and roof-mounted panels like the 275W solar panels, whole solar systems and accessories available nowadays, you’d be able to easily stay off grid and still have the chance to use appliances and devices.

275w solar panels for Rvs

The benefit is it won’t be at the expense of the environment, you gain more freedom in terms of location by deciding to use solar power and you save up more money in the long run. Along with choosing 275W solar panels or any of the other panels and solar power items based on your requirements, another way you can protect nature is by leaving disposable utensils and bags home. This way you wouldn’t have to contribute to more plastic waste.If you do bring plastics along, make sure you sort them out in bags and take them home with you to recycle them when back. The same goes for cans, bottles and papers because managing waste is another component of sustainability: reduce, reuse, recycle. Food waste isn’t any different, so to avoid leftovers it’s advisable to plan your daily meals before the trip.

What would a lesson in sustainability be without water, right? Camping teaches you how to be more prudent with water use, whether it’s taking a shower, doing the laundry or dishes, so don’t use more than you need. It’s already a step in the right direction if your shower is solar powered. Likewise, having in mind detergents and cleaning products end up in the soil, it’s essential to ditch the chemicals and buy natural products instead. You’d be doing yourself and nature a favour!